Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 To Save My Wife

Mo Jiushangs pale finger pointed at a location on the map. "I trailed Lin Wanwans route to this point and spotted traces of battle. Men are guarding the place right now. I couldnt go any deeper."

Lu Zhanbei took a glance and memorized the surrounding structure in his head.


The door was thrust open violently, and a man with messy hair rushed in. "Did something happen to Lin Wanwan?" His eyes were bloody.

Lu Zhanbei looked at him and nodded.

"Who is it?" Tang Chen asked as he squinted his eyes suddenly.

"Qi Junze?"

"Qi Junze."

The two said simultaneously. Tang Chen kept the anger to himself and quickly glanced at the map on the table.

Before he was about to run out, Lu Zhanbei started, "I wont stop you from suicide, but dont ruin my plan."

Tang Chen was no ordinary man, and he quickly calmed himself down.

"Lin Wanwan should be fine for now. Qi Junze didnt get her," Lu Zhanbei said.

Tang Chen knew what he meant. "Did Qi Junze not contact you?"

Lu Zhanbei shook his head.

Tang Chens face sank.

If Lin Wanwan were caught, it would mean that she was fine.


Tang Chens face lost all color. "Im going to find her," he said after a while.

Dead or alive.

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. "Shes not a rash person, and she would do anything to survive."

Tang Chen stared at him. "Lu Zhanbei, are you comforting yourself or me?"

Lin Wanwan knew very well that Lu Zhanbei would die with her if she fell into the hands of Qi Junze. That was why she would sacrifice herself to save him.

Lu Zhanbeis fingers trembled. He was at a loss for words.

That was the only way he could stay calm.

He turned to the senator standing by.

"Please help me contact your minister of defense."

The senator could tell that Lu Zhanbei was in a horrible mood and quickly contacted the minister without any question.

Lu Zhanbei picked up the phone and got straight to the point. "Mr. Smith, this is Lu Zhanbei. I want to borrow a division from you. If you permit, I will give the coal mines I have to your country for free and gift a billion USD as a token of appreciation."

It would be troublesome and time-consuming to get his men here.

The senator was moved.

How generous!

Mr. Smith was just as excited, but he was careful enough to ask, "Could Mr. Lu explain the reason?"

"To save my wife."


Lu Zhanbei cut the call, grabbed his jacket, and stomped out of the room.

Tang Chen and Mo Jiushang followed closely.

With Smiths approval, the nearest division rushed over. There was the airforce with planes, land troops with tanks, and uncountable soldiers with heavy firearms.

Qi Junzes men had occupied the forest, and there were planes and tanks as well.

Qi Junze grabbed the binoculars and watched the approaching army.

"Its finally here," he mumbled, his eyes cold.

The first beam of dawn shone upon the land.

Qi Junze waved his hand. "Follow me."

He got into the tank and led his men towards the north-west.