Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098 Its Lin Wanwan Again

There was a massive canal by the western forest. It was tens of meters wide and about ten meters deep. Water was flowing at the bottom of it.

Qi Junze stopped by the canal and watched Lu Zhanbeis army arriving without attacking them.

Finally, Lu Zhanbei reached the other side of the canal.

The wide separation was like a border between the two sides.

At the same time, Lu Zhanbei and Qi Junze appeared, and they studied each other across the canal.

The atmosphere was tense.

"Lu Zhanbei, you are faster than I expected."

The speaker blasted Qi Junzes voice.

He glanced at the organized army behind Lu Zhanbei and laughed sarcastically.

"This must be a division of men. Mr. Lu sure put in a lot for a woman."

"On the other hand, you have given everything you have for this plan." Lu Zhanbeis attractive voice was shaded with the bleakness of dawn.

When heard this, Qi Junzes face twisted.

Lu Zhanbei had a pair of sharp eyes.

To get the help of the organization, Qi Junze had spent everything he had.

That was why he had to win!

Just then, Tang Chen walked over. His eyes were ice-cold, and his aura sent shivers to the weak-minded.

The moment he got off the car, Qi Junzes eyes lit up, and his legs moved forward subconsciously.

"Tangtang, its been a while."

"My name is Tang Chen."

Tang Chen didnt hide the hatred and disgust in his eyes. Although Qi Junze was used to those eyes, he still felt a sharp pain in his heart.

"You hurt my feelings. Ive been longing to see you, but you are standing against me."

"You asked for it. I dont care what you do to Lu Zhanbei, but you should never have touched Lin Wanwan!"

Its Lin Wanwan again!

Qi Junze clenched his fist. "Why did you help Lu Zhanbei, then?"

Tang Chen didnt say a thing.

"If you hadnt given Lu Zhanbei the antidote, he would have died!" He would also not have needed to be cornered to such an extent.

"You guessed it." Tang Chen shrugged his shoulders. "I didnt want to save him, but Lin Wanwan wanted him alive."

Qi Junzes hatred for Lin Wanwan reached a new height as he laughed hysterically.

"Tang Chen, when did you become so kind? Dont you know that Lin Wanwan is yours if Lu Zhanbei dies? Do you realize how stupid you are?"

"Its my choice."

As the two spoke, the armies had done their preparation for war.

"Have you said enough?"

Lu Zhanbei cut Qi Junze off and went straight to the topic. "Where is Lin Wanwan?"

Qi Junzes eyes flickered.

Lu Zhanbei asked for Lin Wanwans location instead of asking him to hand her over. That meant that he knew Qi Junze didnt have her.

"Lu Zhanbei, you are my enemy, and Lin Wanwans life doesnt matter to me."

Tang Chens shocked. "So shes still alive?"

Qi Junze forced himself to not look at his relieved expression as he held his hands out.

"Who knows? Lin Wanwan fell off the cliff, but I havent found her body. She might be dead and was eaten by vipers, and she might be alive and got washed away."