Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 Despicable And Shameless

Lu Zhanbeis heart beat faster again immediately.


Recalling the topographic map of this area, he knew it in his heart.

No wonder Qi Junze chose to have a fight with him here. In order to reach the cliff Lin Wanwan had fallen from, he had to break through his defense and pass through the dense forest.

Tang Chen glanced at him. "Lu Zhanbei, what are you waiting for?"

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. The number of men Qi Junze gathered this time around was almost on par with his. Even if he could transfer some men over, a lot of time would be lost.

"Qi Junze, since you have no intentions to make a move, tell me, what do you want?"

"Indeed, Mr. Lus clever."

Qi Junze clapped his hands twice with a look of appreciation on his face. It was just that his eyes were flashing with wild ambition, like a wolfs.

"It has been almost a night since Lin Wanwan fell off the cliff. Even if she was lucky to survive, she would definitely be injured. Every second of delay would increase her chances of death."

Lu Zhanbei looked calm, and one couldnt tell what he was thinking. "Cut the crap."

He actually dared to be so arrogant at this point in time!

Qi Junze cast a meaningful look. "I thought Mr. Lu would be quite clear about my intentions."

Lu Zhanbei was clear. Tang Chen was clear as well.

A life for a life.

Lu Zhanbei asked coldly, "On what basis should I believe you?"

Qi Junze dug out a remote control from his pocket and passed it to Tang Chen via a drone.

"I have long since buried a huge amount of explosives in this piece of land. Once they detonate, everyone here will die. I dare not go back on my word."

Lu Zhanbei threw a look at Mo Jiushang, who was behind him.

Mo Jiushang understood it instantly and left immediately.

Qi Junze knew that he was trying to verify if he was lying and didnt feel panic at all.

Victory was near.

Not too long later, Mo Jiushang returned and nodded at Lu Zhanbei, signaling that what Qi Junze said was true.

The smile on Qi Junzes face widened. "Mr. Lu, do you need me to give you some time to consider?"

Lu Zhanbei stepped forward. "Lets begin."

Qi Junze frowned. He obviously didnt understand what he meant.

The messy strands of hair in front of Lu Zhanbeis forehead swayed with the wind. His slender figure stood upright, like a towering mountain. That calm temperament made people feel at ease subconsciously.

"Qi Junze, if you cant even hit me from this distance, youre not qualified to do any transactions with me."

Qi Junze was at first outraged by his contemptuous attitude. When he recovered himself, he was overjoyed.

This meant that he had agreed to it.

There was a commotion from the crowd behind Lu Zhanbei.


Gu Mo couldnt bear it and rushed forward. "Sir, you cant do this. Think of Matriarch. If you"


Before Lu Zhanbeis words fell, Mo Jiushang grabbed hold of Gu Mos collar and pulled him back. "Dont force me to knock you out."

Gu Mos eyes turned red and he shouted at him angrily, "Mo Jiushang, could it be that you want to see him die in front of you?"

"This is his own choice."

Gu Mo clenched his fists and was speechless.

A trace of complicatedness flashed past Tang Chens face. "Lu Zhanbei, your death might not be exchanged for Lin Wanwans life."

If Lin Wanwan had already died down that cliff, Lu Zhanbeis sacrifice would be in vain.

Lu Zhanbei looked at him, then suddenly smiled freely.

"If you were me, you would make the same choice."

"" Tang Chen was speechless.

Yes. As long as there was a trace of hope, they would gamble and go for it.

At this moment, Qi Junzes voice sounded again. "Im going to begin!"