Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 11

Chapter 11 I Discovered A Rat Bring Her Over To Me

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Gu Mo gave a Western-style apologetic bow and took the rest of the people along to start inspecting the bodies on the ground.

If it was to be discovered that anyone was still breathingBang!

A gunshot rang, the trigger pulled without any hesitation.

Lu Zhanbei drank a sip of wine. As he looked at the bloody scene ahead, there was a slight smile in his eyes, as if he was enjoying this moment. His good-looking brows gradually smoothened.

That smile made Lin Wanwan feel extremely shocked.

A sense of evil could be lightly detected from the corner of his lips. This was not the tall and cool man of abstinence in her memory.

Was this man really Lu Zhanbei?

Not long later, Gu Mo reported, “Sir, it has all been settled. How shall we dispose of these rubbish?”

Lu Zhanbei eyed him lightly. “Do you have to ask me about this? Of course the rubbish has to be completely destroyed. If not, do we leave them there to pollute the environment?”


Gu Mo gave a casual wave and everyone moved the bodies in an orderly manner to the truck, which left quickly afterwards.

Not too long later, several sprinkler trucks arrived.

After a round of washing, the ground returned to its original clean state. No trace of blood was left behind, and it was as if nothing happened.

“Sir, are you heading back now?”

“Yes,” Lu Zhanbei answered and turned away.

Lin Wanwan, who was hiding in the bushes, let out a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei did not realize she was spying on them. If not, she might not have been able to keep her life.

Lin Wanwan stood up lightly and prepared to silently sneak away.

“Oh, right”

She had not taken a single step yet when Lu Zhanbei’s voice drifted down again.

“I discovered a rat, bring her over to me.”

A rat?

Oh no!

Without thinking, Lin Wanwan took off and ran. However, before she could even clear the bushes, she was caught by the collar.

As if holding on to a brat, he violently lifted her up with one hand.

She did not resist and was dragged to the helicopter which had now landed.

As she lifted her head, her eyes met that pair of eyes that had a hint of a smile.

Lin Wanwan shivered slightly and forced out a smile that was even uglier than a cry.

“Hi Uncle Lu. Good evening to you!”

In order to survive, she was prepared to let him take advantage of her this once.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her from atop. “It’s useless to try and pull strings. Bring her up.”

After saying this, he turned to the cabin.


The way Lu Zhanbei was talking to her as if she were a stranger made Lin Wanwan frown a little.

Seeing that she did not move, Gu Mo continued to hold her by the collar and helped her up the ramp.

“I know how to walk myself!”

Lin Wanwan struggled for a while. Gu Mo was unmoved and directly brought her to the front of Lu Zhanbei.

“Lin Wanwan,” Lu Zhanbei called out.

“Here!” Lin Wanwan subconsciously straightened her body.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her ignorant expression. His eyes swept across the fists she had subconsciously clenched tight. At last, he looked down at the ripples that formed on the wine in his glass and silently pursed his lips.

“Tell me. How much did you see just now?”

Oh what should she say?

Should she say she saw everything? Lu Zhanbei might immediately send her to her deathbed.

Should she say she saw nothing? Only ghosts would believe that.

Even though she was struggling inside, Lin Wanwan still showed a naive and ignorant look.

Lu Zhanbei did not hurry her. He slowly tasted the red wine and occasionally glanced at her lips, which had now turned pale. His fingers lightly tapped the sofa armrest.

“Since you are not providing me an answer, then”

He stood up and cast a meaningful glance.

“Gu Mo.”


“Bring her”

Was this the prelude to killing her?!