Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Give Her A Lesson

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“My beloved concubine, you’re so beautiful.”

Her charming laughter caused the emperor to look absent-minded. He bent down and wanted to give her a kiss.

Lin Wanwan leaned back at the appropriate timing, planning to finish this scene that borrowed the perspective.

However, she did not expect that not only would Chu Yang not cooperate, he would also directly give her a kiss on the lips instead!

Lin Wanwan frowned and pushed him away without thinking.

“Cut!” An Qiao shouted at the appropriate timing too. “Chu Yang, what’s wrong with you? We said to borrow the perspective!”

Chu Yang recovered himself and looked apologetic. “Sorry, Director. Sorry, Wanwan. I was too into the character and did not manage to react in time.”

This reason was still considered reasonable. Lin Wanwan shook her head. “No worries.”

An Qiao did not say anything again. He waved, “Makeup artist, come here. Help do some makeup touches.”

An Qiao’s assistant helped Lin Wanwan put on a thick cloak. As she walked past Hai Lan, Lin Wanwan realized that she looked exceptionally terrible. She even gave her a cold stare, as if she had committed an unforgivable sin.

What the hell, when did she offend her again?

Filming resumed after the makeup touches were done.

The filming went smoothly this time. Although the next few scenes had occasional NGs, the overall progress was still considered ok.

As the next scene had to be set up, Lin Wanwan had a few hours of break.

She went to the changing room to change her clothes. As she walked past the room next door, she could hear a quarrel going on.

“Chu Yang, what is the meaning of this? You dare to be intimate with another woman in front of me?!”

It was Hai Lan.

From listening to this, it would seem her relationship with Chu Yang was not simple. No wonder she looked as if she wanted to eat her alive just now. It turned out that she was jealous.

Chu Yang said helplessly, “What being intimate with another woman? Don’t say it that way. I have already explained just now. I could not help but kiss her as I was too into the character. I’m not really interested in her.”

“Too into the character?” Hai Lan laughed coldly.

“Do you think that you can fool me with this pack of lies? Don’t think I can’t tell. You and Lin Wanwan have been making eyes at each other in the studio for a long time! Chu Yang, I warn you! You are my boyfriend. If you dare to really get intimate with Lin Wanwan, wait and see how I will deal with you!”

Making eyes at each other? Lin Wanwan was furious.

Chu Yang did have some looks. However, she had been in the entertainment circle for such a long time. What kind of good-looking guy had she not seen before?

Furthermore, even if Chu Yang was good-looking, how could he compare to Lu Zhanbei, Tang Chen, and Si Han?

Lin Wanwan did not want to continue listening anymore, lest she lose control and want to hit them.

How nice was it that the quarreling stopped just then. What replaced it was a series of kissing sounds, accompanied by Chu Yang’s heavy breathing.

“Lan Er, stop letting your mind wander. There’s only you in my heart. Regardless how pretty Lin Wanwan is, there’s some issues with her brains. My taste is not that bad.”

“Brother Chu Yang, I love you. I can’t live without you”

“I love you too.”

Following that, sounds that were not appropriate for children could be heard.

Lin Wanwan shook off the goosebumps on her body and ran away quickly.

This Hai Lan usually looked all mighty and superior. Unexpectedly, she was so open in her private life.

Soon after Lin Wanwan left, the movements inside gradually subsided.

“Brother Chu Yang, if you really want to be intimate with Lin Wanwan, I’m willing to give you a chance.”

“Stop testing me, I really am not interested,” Chu Yang said in a helpless tone.

“Actually, I want you to help me with something”


Hai Lan thought about the past and her eyes became vicious. “I have long found Lin Wanwan not to be pleasing to the eye! Not only did she hit me at the studio, she also caused me so much embarrassment in front of the media and reporters. Now she’s seducing you. How can I swallow this down! I want to give her a lesson, and you can also be intimate with her!”