Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100 No

Lu Zhanbei stood still and was even in the mood to curve his lips and smile.

Qi Junze raised the gun in his hand and aimed the muzzle at his heart.

Gu Mo almost burst into tears upon witnessing this scene. He wanted to rush up again but was stopped by Mo Jiushang.

"Lu Zhanbei, if Lin Wanwans dead, both of you can coincidentally be a ghost couple in hell!"

Qi Junze had fallen into Lu Zhanbeis hands many times before. He had thought that victory was in his hands previously, only to fail on the verge of success due to his carelessness.

A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit. This time, he didnt plan to waste time and just wanted to finish Lu Zhanbei off at the fastest speed.


Qi Junze pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit Lu Zhanbeis heart accurately, and a blood-red flower immediately bloomed on his white shirt.


Gu Mo let out a pitiful scream. He increased his brute force and actually broke free from Mo Jiushangs restraint. He rushed over madly.

Suddenly, Tang Chen lifted his leg and stepped on Lu Zhanbeis waist.

With a sound, Lu Zhanbei, who was shot, was kicked into the ditch.

All of these happened too quickly. No one could respond in time.



The commotion of the crowd couldnt drown the heartbreaking female cry from not too far away.

Tang Chens heart jumped and he turned his head sharply.

Taking advantage of his height, he swept his gaze over the dense crowd and saw a slender figure running across the grass, getting closer and closer.

She was still alive.

Tang Chen drew a long breath. He was surrounded by panic-stricken faces, but he smiled and said to himself, "Thats great."

Gu Mo lay on the side of the ditch and looked at the slightly red water surface. Lu Zhanbei had long been washed away by the rapid waters.


Qi Junze laughed out loud in a carefree manner, and his face was full of wild satisfaction.

Lu Zhanbei was finally dead.

Now that he had eliminated this burden, his future development would definitely be smooth-sailing!

"Tang Chen!"

Gu Mo climbed up and wiped his face fiercely. Seeing Tang Chen smiling happily, he immediately rushed over madly, grabbed his collar, and hit his face with a heavy punch!

"Tang Chen, Sir believed so much in you. You actually dared to betray him!"

As he was absent-minded, Tang Chen was knocked to the ground. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

Gu Mo pulled out the gun from his waist and pointed it at Tang Chens forehead.

"Sirs dead. I want you and Qi Junze to be buried with him!"


Qi Junzes face changed immediately, and he ordered without thinking, "Cover!"

The men behind him immediately opened fire and attacked those who were opposite them.

Before Lu Zhanbei arrived, he had already given a death order. As long as he was around, everyone would listen to his orders. If something happened to him, the right to command would be handed over to Mo Jiushang.


Following Mo Jiushangs command, everyone withdrew to the back of the tank in an orderly manner. All the bullets were blocked.

Amid this commotion, Tang Chen rolled on the ground and avoided Gu Mos bullets. He rolled down toward the ditch.

At this moment, the world was shrouded in bullets and rain. Thankfully, both parties had concerns and didnt use weapons of great lethality. Otherwise, it would have become a blood river.

Tang Chen swam across the river down the ditch and climbed to the opposite side.

"Tangtang, come up quickly!"

A hand missing a thumb stretched out from above. Tang Chen grabbed hold of it and climbed up with the help of the others pulling force.

Qi Junze was about to give him a hug. However, Tang Chen staggered, and blood was constantly pouring out from the shoulder that his right hand was covering.