Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 Tang Chen Answer Me Why?

"Youre injured?"

"Its just a surface injury."

When he was swimming over just now, his shoulder had smashed into a sharp rock as he was avoiding Gu Mos gunshots.

Tang Chen raised the remote control in his hand. It wasnt loud, but it sounded clearly in everyones ears.

"Everyone, stop. Unless all of you want to die here together."

Qi Junze gave a hand gesture and his men immediately stopped the attack.

Mo Jiushang did the same.

"Get away. Everyone, get away!"

At this time, a slender figure squeezed through the crowd, stumbling as she rushed to Gu Mos side. The ferocious-looking Gu Mo couldnt help but look confused when he saw her.

"Ms. Lin, youre still alive?"

The Lin Wanwan whod appeared suddenly looked disheveled. Her clothes were dirty and torn, and her exposed skin was covered with blood stains of all sizes.

She stared blankly at the flowing water beneath her.

She had clearly seen the image of Lu Zhanbei being shot in the heart and then falling off.

Pain, despair, hatred

Lin Wanwan looked up fiercely and stared fixedly at Tang Chen, who was opposite her.


Tang Chen had not yet said anything when Qi Junze laughed. "Lin Wanwan, you actually managed to survive. It looks like Ive belittled you. However, youre too late. The feeling of seeing someone beloved dying in front of your own eyes doesnt feel good, does it?"

Lin Wanwans heart seemed to have been torn into countless pieces. It hurt so badly that she wanted to go crazy.

Actually, she didnt jump off the cliff to commit suicide out of despair.

Although she couldnt see the bottom of the cliff back then, she was thinking that since there was a waterfall, as long as she fell into the water and protected her vital organs, she wouldnt die.

It turned out that she was right.

She avoided the search team sent by Qi Junze with difficulty amid the bottom of the cliff full of poisonous snakes and suffocating gas.

There were many times she wanted to take a rest. However, upon thinking about Lu Zhanbei, shed gritted her teeth and climbed up the cliff.

In the end, her efforts and hard work brought about such a result.

How could she accept this

"Tang Chen! Answer me! Why?!"

Tang Chen sighed, and his expression revealed a trace of bitterness. "If you had shown up a minute earlier, not only would I not have betrayed him, I would even have helped Lu Zhanbei to deal with Qi Junze. Perhaps this is Gods will. You and Lu Zhanbei are destined to be unfated!"

Qi Junzes lips curved into a cold smile. "The person who killed Lu Zhanbei was me. Even if Tang Chen hadnt done what he did, do you think he could still have survived with a gunshot wound in his heart?"

Lin Wanwans body trembled; her eyes were empty.

"He wouldnt die

"He said before that he would accompany me in this lifetime and grow old with me. Hed even thought of our childrens names

"He wouldnt die!"

She let out a low roar and jumped up fiercely!


Ripples could be seen in the ditch.

"Lin Wanwan!"

"Ms. Lin!"

Everyone watched as Lin Wanwans body was being carried away by the waters.

Tang Chen wanted to jump down as well, but Qi Junze stopped him. "Calm down."

Tang Chen stared fixedly at the river surface for a while. "Qi Junze, lets make a deal."

"What deal?"

Tang Chen looked at him, his eyes crazed.

"Since this happened, I might never be able to get her heart in this lifetime. So Im willing to work with you again to strip Lu Zhanbei of his power. However, youre not to touch a single strand of Lin Wanwans hair in the future!"

Coldness flashed past Qi Junzes eyes. "You still havent given up on Lin Wanwan?"

Tang Chen became ruthless and squinted. "I cant get her heart, but its not too bad if I can get her body. Im still young and have plenty of time to waste on her!"