Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 What I Want Is Your Life


He was quick to answer, which brought doubts to Tang Chen. "Are you trying to play any trick?"

Qi Junze was disappointed. "Dont you trust me?"

Tang Chen pinched his brows as if he was exhausted. "Why would I trust you? This wouldnt be the first time you lied to me, would it? Also, I have cut one of your fingers and destroyed your plan; it would be normal for you to hate me."

"Tangtang, I will never hate you."

Qi Junze vowed as he put his hand with a broken finger on Tang Chens shoulder. Tang Chen could feel the love in his eyes through the thick glasses.

"I will give you whatever you want."

Tang Chen glanced across the canal, where Gu Mo was sending a team to look for Lin Wanwan.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, as long as we are together."

"There is something I want right now."

"I know. Its Lin Wanwan."

Qi Junze had decided to order Lin Wanxin to kill Lin Wanwan after this was settled.

Tang Chen would forget about her after some time.

Qi Junze was thinking about ways to torture Lin Wanwan, but the smile on his face was as gentle as the morning breeze.


Tang Chen shook his finger, and a dangerous yet beautiful smile appeared on his face.

"What I want is your life."

When Qi Junze felt a hard object pressed against his back, his expression changed.


"My name is Tang Chen."

Tang Chen took a step back and aimed his gun at Qi Junze.

"Mr. Qi!"

Tang Chen glanced at Qi Junzes men rushing to him. "If you want Qi Junze to die quicker, feel free to come!"

The group halted.

Gu Mo and the others across the canal were confused by the situation as well.

"What is the situation? Double spy?"

Watching Tang Chens cold eyes, Qi Junze felt rage from his betrayal, but more than that, he felt unbelievable pain.

"If I killed Lin Wanwan, I would understand your urge for revenge. However, why do you do this when shes still alive?"

"Qi Junze, did you forget my words when I left last time?"

Tang Chen said word by word, "If you hurt Lin Wanwan ever again, I will kill you myself!"

"" Qi Junze opened his mouth, but no word came even after a long time.

Finally, he grinned bitterly. "My life wouldnt compare to Lin Wanwans injury in your heart, right?"

"Heh, you dont even compare to a single strand of her hair!"

Qi Junze met his unemotional eyes. There was anger and loathing in his heart, but there was even more of sorrow.

Qi Junze thought he had earned everything, but Tang Chen gave him a critical blow instead.

"I knew I shouldnt have trusted you."

Tang Chen raised his brows as he nodded. "Right. I find it strange, as well. Why did you believe me? I really admire Lu Zhanbeis foresight."

"Lu Zhanbei?"


Tang Chen snapped his fingers. "Its time to end the show."

These words were confusing to everyone.

It was then that a helicopter soared down from the sky. There was the logo of the Country S on it, and Qi Junzes men were alerted.

Qi Junzes men requested to blow the helicopter up through a Bluetooth earbud.

Tang Chens finger rested on the trigger. "If you dare say a word, I will send you to hell."