Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103 : If You Are Trying To Disgust Me You Did It

The helicopter hovered above the canal.

The gate was pulled open, and a figure hopped off from the skyline.

Qi Junze looked up, and his expression changed drastically.

"This is impossible!"

Gu Mo saw the man sliding down the rope as well, and a dirty woman was hanging by his side.

Gu Mos excitement couldnt be contained. "Sir! Ms. Lin!"

When he was a few meters above the ground, Lu Zhanbei hopped off with the girl in his arms.

"Lu Zhanbei!" Qi Junze stared at him as if hes lost his sanity. "This is impossible! I saw you being shot in the heart why are you still alive?"

Hed had a feeling that it was his day to die.

But at least, he had killed Lu Zhanbei.

However, Lu Zhanbeis "revival" made everything a joke!

Lu Zhanbei pushed Lin Wanwan. "Let me go."

"No, I wont!"

Lin Wanwan thought that Lu Zhanbei was dead. However, moments after she hopped in, she met him cleaning his wound.

Seeing him again made her never want to let go of him.

Lu Zhanbei could only let her have it her way. His dark hair was still dripping wet.

He turned to Qi Junze. There was no mockery or arrogance on his face. "Qi Junze, you underestimated me. It would be shameful to die to someone like you."

Lin Wanwan pulled open Lu Zhanbeis collar, and a vest showed itself. "Latest Kevlar vest thats light and thin. However, it is not very effective. The bullet got to the skin."

Qi Junzes face had lost all color.

Lu Zhanbei played him!

Lu Zhanbei faked his death, and Tang Chen feigned his surrender. It all came back to be their victory!

"Lu Zhanbei, what do you have to be proud of?!"

If eyes could kill, Tang Chen and Lu Zhanbei would have died a thousand times.

"Ive lost. Ive lost to my trust for Tang Chen!"

"You are wrong." Tang Chen smirked lightly. "I wanted to kill you for myself, and Lu Zhanbei gave a chance to me."

All Qi Junze could feel was agony.

"We have fought alongside each other for so many years. You know how nice I am to you. Why are you betraying me for Lin Wanwan? Are you really so cruel?"

"Ive given you a chance." Tang Chen was no affected at all. "Its fine if you want to kill Lu Zhanbei. However, why did you hurt Lin Wanwan, who did nothing to you? You are asking for it."

"She did nothing to me?" Qi Junze laughed hysterically. "Hilarious! Lin Wanwan stole the love of my life. Why would I let her go?"

Tang Chen had no idea what he meant.

Lin Wanwan pouted.

Qi Junze knew that he couldnt escape death on that very day. No matter how mad he was, he had to accept that fact.

He stared into Tang Chens eyes. "Tang Chen, I have loved you for a long time."

This secret had been hidden in his hear for many years. He finally said those words, but it was under such circumstances.


Tang Chens lips opened slightly, and his expression changed from disbelief to disgust.

He stepped back with his brows locked tight.

"If you are trying to disgust me, you did it."