Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104 Itll Never Be Possible Not Even In The Next Lifetime

His rejection caused Qi Junzes heart to ache.

The saddest thing wasnt that the person you love didnt love you. It was that he felt disgusted about your feelings.

"If I didnt care about you so much, why did you think I would give you all my trust?"

Tang Chen recalled himself asking Qi Junze why he trusted his words so much and he couldnt help but change his look.

As he wanted to fulfill the promise of killing Qi Junze personally, Lu Zhanbei had thought of such a trick.

He initially thought that this trick was stupid, and when he looked at it from another perspective, if he were Qi Junze, he would definitely not have trusted himself that much.

So, this wasnt a damned Mission Impossible trick but a honey trap?


Tang Chen glanced at Lu Zhanbei from the corner of his eye and saw him smiling elegantly. "Young Tang is able to attract both men and women. Your charm is amazing."

"" Tang Chens handsome face darkened.

Qi Junze looked at him with forbearance. "My feelings for you are comparable to yours for Lin Wanwan. I wont blame you for betraying me or hurting me. Besides wanting to kill Lu Zhanbei, the reason I did all of these was more because I wanted to be with you"


Tang Chen felt all the hair on his body stand up.

It was nothing to be liked by a woman. However, once he thought of a man liking him the way he liked a woman, he had goosebumps all over.

"Qi Junze, even if Lin Wanwan werent in the picture, itll be impossible for us to be together. Itll never be possible! Not even in the next lifetime!"

He stated its impossibility thrice in a row. The extent of his aversion could be seen.

Lin Wanwan wanted to laugh.

At this moment, Qi Junze understood what it meant for despair to be the greatest sorrow.

He wanted to defeat Lu Zhanbei and stand on the pinnacle of power in this world. What he wanted more was to get Tang Chens heart and be inseparable from him.

However, his venture on a single chance was exchanged for a total loss.

The emotions on Qi Junzes face gradually faded. At this moment, he actually laughed and various images flashed past his mind.

"I love you. The first time I saw you, I had already fallen for you. I have been thinking countless times. If I were a woman, perhaps you wouldnt have loved Lin Wanwan and we would have been together"

Tang Chen could no longer listen to his words. He initially felt a tinge of emotions in his heart. Now, he only wanted to send Qi Junze to hell immediately.

"Go to hell!" His finger pulled hard on the trigger.


Following a gunshot, a small hole appeared in Qi Junzes chest and blood oozed out from his back.

His body moved back uncontrollably and his lips curved. "To be able to die in your hands, I die without regrets. If theres a next life, I hope you can accept me"

He fell headfirst into the ditch. His voice gradually lowered, until it disappeared.

"Mr. Qi!"

One of Qi Junzes men rushed over and wanted to fire a shot at Tang Chen out of anger. However, he was killed by Gu Mo, who was opposite him.

"This should end."

Qi Junze had a lot of loyal men. When they heard Lu Zhanbeis words, they immediately roared, "Lu Zhanbei, Mr. Qis dead. All of you have to die as well!"

He waved his hand. "Open fire and kill them!"

At this moment, a loud noise could be heard from all sides suddenly.

A large number of men suddenly appeared on the other three sides of the jungle. They were all in camouflaged clothes and had oil paint on their faces.

Taking advantage of the previous commotion, they had sneaked in quietly and intercepted the back route for a large group of Qi Junzes men. They were now sandwiched, and it would be difficult for them to either advance or retreat.

The expressions of Qi Junzes men changed drastically.