Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105 There Are Plenty Of Fishes In The Sea. Why Hold On To Just One?

Lu Zhanbei swept his gaze across all the guarded faces. "I know that at least 60% of the people here belong to the organization. Now that Qi Junzes dead, the transactions between him and your bosses are naturally not valid anymore. If you want to continue to die for him, I wont force you. If you dont, hand over your guns and leave."

His cold eyes made everyone shiver subconsciously.

Finally, someone threw away the gun in his hand and raised both hands up.

Once someone took the lead, the rest followed suit.

They were all men from other powers under the organization, and they didnt have any loyalty toward Qi Junze to speak of.

"You can leave now."

Not too long later, this area became much emptier.

Once most people had left, the few men loyal to Qi Junze were killed.

Lu Zhanbei left Gu Mo to clean up the aftermath and brought Lin Wanwan up to the helicopter.

In the aircraft, Lin Wanwan noticed that Tang Chen was unusually quiet.

Considering his ten-year relationship with Qi Junze, he must not be feeling good in his heart over killing him personally. Lin Wanwan was about to say some comforting words when he swept his gaze over with his resentful peach-shaped eyes.

"Lin Wanwan, Im very sad. You actually didnt believe me."

Lin Wanwan laughed dryly.

She was scared, panicky, and full of hatred back then, and she thought that Tang Chen had really betrayed him.

"Sorry, I"

Lin Wanwan had not finished her apology when Lu Zhanbei, who walked over, suddenly lifted his long leg and kicked the stool that Tang Chen was sitting on.


Unprepared for this, young Tang fell straight down.

Facing Tang Chens sinister gaze, Lu Zhanbei said indifferently:

"This is what you owe me. Im returning it to you."

Tang Chen thought of the kick he had given to Lu Zhanbei and said, "Youre even more narrow-minded than a woman."

Lu Zhanbei smiled calmly. "Thats better than being wanted like a woman."

Tang Chen: ""

Lu Zhanbei, this slut, might just use this point to laugh at him for a lifetime.

Lin Wanwan hurriedly came over to smooth things over. "Qi Junzes dead. Would the organization avenge him?"

Tang Chen shook his head and said, "The organization is like a heap of loose sand utterly lacking cohesion. If Qi Junze hadnt used interests to move their hearts, they wouldnt have stepped foot into this muddy water as well."

This was also why Lu Zhanbei let those people go.

Those people were from other powers. If Lu Zhanbei killed all of them, he would definitely offend their bosses.

Although he wasnt afraid, he was worried that Lin Wanwan would be implicated once again.

Lin Wanwan responded with an "oh." "Dont you find it strange? Qi Junze didnt make a move previously, which meant that he was waiting for Lu Zhanbei to die from the poison. Why did he suddenly not wait anymore?"

"Because Qi Junze guessed that Lu Zhanbei wouldnt die."

"How did he guess so?"

After all, Qi Junze didnt see for himself Lu Zhanbeis condition and couldnt have made a judgment.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "His men are waiting in ambush in the Imperial Capital."

Lin Wanwan understood it. No matter what, she would have a lot of peace and quiet in the future now that Qi Junze was dead.

Seeing that Tang Chen seemed to be in deep thought, Lin Wanwan patted his shoulder and teased, "There are plenty of fishes in the sea. Why hold on to just one? Forget Qi Junze and open up your flower world!"

Tang Chens handsome face darkened again. He said with a fake smile, "However, I like a piece of grass like you."

"Nonsense. Im obviously a compassionate white lotus flower."


The helicopter that carried the three of them rose into the blue sky and gradually drifted away.

In the dense forest, a slender young man lay among the branches of a big tree. He was holding a telescope in his hand, his eyes slightly closed.