Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106 Lu Zhanbeis Woman Was Pretty Interesting

Sunlight fell through the leaves, forming patches of light on his face such that he looked lazy and satisfied.

"Young Master." At this moment, a voice sounded. "It has ended. Qi Junzes dead."

Upon hearing this, the man rolled over and said with child-like stubbornness, "Thats not fun."

"Qi Junze is indeed like trash. The organization lent him so many men, but he actually lost so badly. If it wasnt for Lin Wanxin who helped him as his confidant, he wouldnt even have been qualified to fight Lu Zhanbei."

The man laughed lightly. "Of course, a person whos like a lousy piece of mud cant climb up the wall."

After pausing, he said with interest, "On the other hand, Lu Zhanbeis woman is pretty interesting."

"If she didnt have anything to her, how would Lu Zhanbei fall in love with her?"

The man didnt say anything.

After a long while, he sat up. "Lets go. Its a wasted trip."

The assistant saw that he looked excited and suggested, "If Young Master finds it boring, why dont I plan a game? Country M and Country Y have recently been having conflicts. If they fight, it should be interesting."

"Lets see how itll play out."

The man jumped down lightly and seemed to recall something suddenly.

"Whats the progress for what Ive gotten you to check for me?"

"I cant find anything out. Perhaps no one knows why Mo Jiushang chose to mingle with Lu Zhanbei."

The man didnt blame him but, instead, laughed. "Thats true as well. If you can find out things about Mo Jiushang, you would have long been the boss of the organization."

The assistant coughed and seemed to be embarrassed. "Sir, I personally feel that Mo Jiushangs more dangerous than Lu Zhanbei. Young Master will formally become Lu Zhanbeis enemy sooner or later. If Mo Jiushang chooses to help him, it wont be ideal for your plans."

"He wont."

The man wandered through the dense forest leisurely and hummed an unknown tune. The melody was pleasant, but there was a lingering sadness.

"Hes too lazy to help."

As Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei were both injured, they went to Gao Yang for treatment once they returned to the Imperial Capital.

Lin Wanwan herself couldnt remember how long she had not rested. Once her head hit the pillow, she fell into a deep sleep.

Lu Zhanbei brushed apart the messy strands of hair on her forehead and gave her a light kiss.

When she woke up, it was already the next day.

The three days of leave Lin Wanwan had applied for had passed. Although she felt that she hadnt rested enough, she was desperately urged by Yue Xiang to return and she had no choice but to rush back to the production studio.

After shed had a day of recuperation, the bruises on Lin Wanwans face had pretty much subsided, leaving only a faint trace.

When the makeup artist put on makeup for her and saw these bruises, she exclaimed in shock, "Wanwan, who hit you?"

This cry attracted quite a number of people to lean over.

Lin Qingxi sized up her face. "Oh my, Wanwan. You wouldnt be a victim of domestic abuse, right? Your boyfriends too vicious. How could he do this to you?"

"" Lin Wanwan also wanted to faint.

Lin Qingxis words made everyone discuss about domestic violence. Some people looked at Lin Wanwan with pity and compassion. Some were gloating.


Lin Wanwan raised her hand and interrupted their discussions.

"I just ran into a small car accident when I was traveling overseas during the past few days. Furthermore, based on my identity, whod dare to subject me to domestic violence?"

Everyone thought of what a man-eating night-blooming cereus she was and couldnt help but smile. However, they disapproved in their hearts.

Even if she had some martial art skills, if her financier made a move on her, would she dare to retaliate?