Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Continue Digging A Hole

Lin Qingxi saw the contempt in everyones eyes and smiled. She clapped her hands and attracted everyones attention.

"Ok, lets not talk about this anymore. Every family has its difficulties. We belong to the same production team. No matter how Wanwan lives, we shouldnt kick a man when he is down."

Lin Wanwan really had to hand it to this woman for her self-talk.

Would she be happy only if Lin Wanwan was leading a bad life?

"Coincidentally, everyones here. I have something to announce."

Lin Qingxi waved her hands. Ada immediately gave out the red invitation cards in her hands.

"Its going to be my 25th birthday in a weeks time. My boyfriend plans to hold a birthday party for me. I hope everyone can give me some face and attend."

Seeing everyones moved looks, she said inadvertently, "I didnt only invite my friends in the entertainment circle. My boyfriends business partners will also come over."

Li Yan jumped out with excitement. "Qingxi, your boyfriends business partners come from strong backgrounds, right?"

Lin Qingxi smiled shyly, as if silently agreeing to it.

"I must go!"

"Its Qingxis birthday party. How would we dare not to give her face?"

Everyone nodded, and Lin Qingxi smiled in satisfaction. She looked at Lin Wanwan, who hadnt said anything. "Wanwan, although there were some misunderstandings between us, we know each other, after all. I hope to receive your blessings at my birthday party."

Lin Wanwan didnt nod or shake her head. "Your birthday falls on the 18th?"

"Yes. Whats wrong?"

"Nothing. I just find it coincidental."

At this moment, a staff personnel who was a Ball fan slapped her forehead. "I remember it now. Wanwans birthday falls on the 18th as well. How coincidental. Not only are you both surnamed Lin, you even have the same birthdays!"

Lin Qingxi smiled happily. "It looks like were really fated. Are you going to hold a birthday party as well?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head.

Lin Qingxi looked a little regretful. Then, she suggested excitedly, "Why dont we do this? Come over to my birthday party that day. You can treat it that we are celebrating our birthdays together."

Lin Wanwan was about to decline when Li Yan said sourly, "Lin Wanwan, you have picked up a great deal. Qingxis birthday party will be large-scale. Without spending a cent, you can enjoy all of this for free. Do stop acting as if youre not affected."

"Wanwan, we are all from the same production team. Itll be fun with everyone gathered together. Dont reject Qingxis kind intentions."

"Wanwan, we are all from the same entertainment circle. You shouldnt be too ignorant"

Lin Wanwan didnt answer in a straightforward manner, and some people felt that she was acting when she would obviously be benefitting.

If there wasnt a need to, Lin Wanwan wouldnt like to quarrel with others.

"Ok, Ill go."

Since Lin Qingxi wanted to boast, she would go and see for herself.

Lin Qingxi smiled and continued to deal with the staff personnel who kept asking questions.

After ending a day of filming, Lin Wanwan reached the carpark. She was yet to pull open the car door when a man suddenly got up. He was in a suit and leather shoes and had a straight face as he said, "Hello, Ms. Lin. Im Secretary Fus assistant. She would like to see you."

Although his tone was gentle, it was unyielding, refusing to take no for an answer.

Fu Wanyi?

Lin Wanwan nodded.

The man was slightly shocked at her straightforwardness and didnt say anything much.

"Ms. Lin, please."

Lin Wanwan got on the other partys car and left the production studio.

She didnt call Lu Zhanbei even though she knew that Fu Wanyi might not have good intentions this time around.