Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 A Man With No Weakness Cannot Be Hurt

The door was pulled open. Lin Wanwan got off the car and made her way into the house.

Outside the study room, the assistant knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Lin Wanwan made her way in. Fu Wanyi, in a set of casual clothes, was reading in her chair. Her slightly wrinkled face gave off a peaceful and studious vibe.

"Hi, Madam Fu."


Lin Wanwan picked a chair. When Fu Wanyi looked over at her, she stared back with sparkly eyes. "Did Madam miss me? I missed you too, but I couldnt visit because of my busy schedule."

"" Why would a busy person like her have time to miss a childish girl?

Fu Wanyi wanted to massage her forehead. She realized that she would do that whenever she met Lin Wanwan and felt defeated.

"Lin Wanwan, you dont have to act like a fool before me."

If Lin Wanwan was as simple as she had shown, how could she survive in the entertainment world?

She just didnt want to blow her cover.

Lin Wanwan bit her lips as she said pitifully, "Madam Fu, Im not foolish in the first place."

Fu Wanyi was too tired to battle it out. "Can you just stop it?"

"I dont understand you."

Fu Wanyi put down the book in her hands and moved to the windowsill. "As a mother, I cant stand my son facing danger because of a woman."

Lin Wanwan got it.

Fu Wanyi knew about the incident where Lu Zhanbei almost lost his life.

"Madam Fu, it was Qi Junze. He couldnt beat Lu Zhanbei years ago, so he wanted to seek revenge. He even used me to threaten Lu Zhanbei. Haiz, that was unfortunate."

She implied that Qi Junze was after her son and not Lin Wanwan.

If Lin Wanwan could act like a fool, it wouldnt be hard to play the victim.

Fu Wanyi had sharp eyes, and she understood what she meant.

"A man with no weakness cannot be hurt."

Lin Wanwan found it pretty funny.

Did she want Lu Zhanbei to be single his whole life?

Lin Wanwan shook her head. "Madam Fu, unless a person has no emotion, he cannot be perfect. Take me as an example; not only am I afraid of death, I fear Lu Zhanbei leaving me. Despite him being my weakness, I still love him."

It was the same for Lu Zhanbei.

Her resolute eyes reminded Fu Wanyi of when she saw her for the first time.

Although her heart was bleeding, she put on a smile before Lu Zhanbei.

Fu Wanyi believed Lin Wanwans love for Lu Zhanbei; at least, at that moment, she did.

"Lu Zhanbei is my most achieving son. I have high hopes for him, and I dont wish to see him in danger for something that wasnt his problem."

After all, she was just worried about Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan felt sour, for Fu Wanyi had yet to mention his other son all this time.

"What about Fu Zhinian?"

Fu Wanyi looked up, and her sight was pressing.

Lin Wanwan had no fear as she stared her in the eyes. "Madam Fu, I dont find Fu Zhinian any worse than Lu Zhanbei. They are both your sons. Why do you not treat them equally?"

Somehow, Lin Wanwan was reminded of herself.

"Is the achieving child worth your love while the other deserves only to be abandoned?"