Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109 Your Father Is A Murderer Your Mother Hurts With Words

She looked defeated.

Fu Wanyi knew her background very well.

She had faced discrimination from Lin Qinghao, for she was a fool.

Fu Wanyi shook off the thoughts on her mind and lost interest in saying anything more.

"You can leave."

Lin Wanwan walked out grumpily.

Past the pavement, she saw the van outside the main gate.

Lin Wanwan pulled the door open and got on.

"Why are you here?"

"To fetch you."

Lu Zhanbei frowned when he saw her pitiful look. "Not enough acting?"

Lin Wanwan giggled, and her expression changed immediately. "It didnt work to act foolish, so I had to put on my puppy eyes. Also, I was really feeling it."

Lu Zhanbeis brows unfolded as he ignited the engine.

Lin Wanwan blinked as she asked, "Why didnt you go into the house? Arent you afraid that your mother would bully me?"

"Shes no Lu Zhengyu."

Lin Wanwan pouted. "Your father is a murderer, and your mother hurts with words. Fortunately, I am no easy target."

Lu Zhanbei beamed.

Just then, Lin Wanwans phone rang.

"Hi, Zhiyi."

"Wanwan, its a month from your 20th birthday. I bought a small island a few days back, and the scenery there is amazing. We can get some girls and have some fun there."

"I have arrangements on that day."

"Ah? Lu Zhanbei is like a rock; it must be boring to spend your birthday with him."

Lin Wanwan glanced at the man beside him and chuckled under her breath. She then told Shen Zhiyi about Lin Qingxis birthday party.

Shen Zhiyi clicked her tongue. "She clearly wants to show off. If you find Lu Zhanbei embarrassing to showcase, how about letting me have the honor?"

Lin Wanwan took a peek at the "embarrassing" Mr. Lu and was disappointed to see no reaction from him.

"How do you want to do it?"

"Do you mind changing your boyfriend?"

"I do."

"How about having a bonus girlfriend?"

"Id still mind." Lin Wanwan pressed her fingers against her temple.

"Fine, I guess I cant join the fun." Lin Wanwan sensed disappointment in her voice.

When the call ended, Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. "Are you sure you want to spend your birthday with Lin Qingxi?"

"I have agreed to it, so there is no going back. Could it be that you prepared a surprise for me on that very day?"

Lu Zhanbei looked into her mocking eyes and grinned.

"How can a rock prepare surprises?"

"Pfft" Lin Wanwan chuckled. "Your answer proves that you did prepare one. Mr. Lu, you are definitely not a great actor."

"Ill deal with you at night."

"Come on, do you think I would be scared?"

After she nearly lost Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan treasured the peaceful life more than anything.

Unlike before, she ended work early these days. As long as Lu Zhanbei was at the Yun Mansion, she would be around him all the time.

Lin Wanwan pushed Lin Wanwan off his arm. "Can you go to the bedroom?"

Lin Wanwan was not too happy about it. "Im not disturbing you."

When she was around, Lu Zhanbeis eyes would be fixed on her subconsciously, and there was no way for him to focus.

"Are you tired of me?" Lin Wanwan asked.

Lu Zhanbei: "Slightly."