Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Paparazzi Once Again

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Chu Yang recalled Lin Wanwan’s charming face, and he felt temptation running through his veins. “Tell me.”

“You can” Hai Lan mumbled into his ears for quite a while as Chu Yang’s eyes sparked with interest.

Reading the excitement in his eyes, Hai Lan slid her fingertip to his underbelly. Her voice had a hint of warning, “Remember, it’s all an act. If you ever betray me”

Chu Yang kept his face straight, pushed her away, and said in all seriousness, “I’m sacrificing myself for you. Forget it if you are not going to trust me.”

Hai Lan giggled, rewarding him with a kiss. “Of course, I trust you! You will never let me down, will you?”

“It hurts me to see your disappointment.”

Soon, suggestive noises resounded in the room once again.

Lin Wanwan had no idea what she was in for. At this moment, she was busy rejecting a certain someone’s invitation.

She got caught as soon as she left the northern gate.

“Oi, are you that free? Stopping me in school and again on my way to filming, you are more hardworking than a paparazzi!”

Tang Chen lazed against the sports car’s door. Ignoring her judgemental eyes, he replied, “I am always free. What’s wrong? Are you busy?”

“Very, very busy!”

“Busy with?”

“There’s a new dessert store in the neighborhood. I’m going to try it.” Lin Wanwan was honest.

“Heh” Tang Chen seemed entertained. He walked up to Lin Wanwan and flicked her forehead. “Eating desserts is more important than accompanying your boyfriend?”

Lin Wanwan stepped back, covering her forehead. “I can’t eat my boyfriend Wait, you are not my boyfriend.”

“I will be.”

Tang Chen sure was confident.

“I know that I still owe you a meal. How about next time? I have an idea”

She took out a pen and a plain card from her bag. Using her hand as support, she quickly wrote down some words.

“Food coupon: Lin Wanwan owes Tang Chen a meal, she has to have a meal with him when she is free.”

She stuffed the card into his hand. “Will this do?”

Tang Chen played around with the thin card and clicked his tongue. “Ugly handwriting.”

What a bastard!Lin Wanwan stomped away, not forgetting to roll her eyes at him.

Tang Chen didn’t stop her this time. He picked up a cigarette as she disappeared from his sight, then turned to look at the bush nearby.

“Still going to stay there? Waiting for me to buy you a meal?”

A reporter walked out holding a camera. He spoke carefully, “Mr. Tang”

Tang Chen put his hand out. “Hand it over.”

The reporter gave him the camera obediently. “Mr. Tang, I” His voice was trembling. It would be a nightmare for him if Tang Chen smashed his camera.


Tang Chen took some time to browse through the photos. When he saw the picture of him flicking Lin Wanwan’s forehead, he looked rather impressed.

“Your photography skills are not that bad.”

He connected the camera to his phone to transfer that photo over, then set it as his background.

“Here, delete the photos.”

The reporter nodded with disappointment written on his face. A rare piece of news was lost just like that.

The first bite of dessert already brought Lin Wanwan’s brows together. It tasted way worse than she expected.

Lin Wanwan packed the leftovers and dropped them by a homeless man.

Pulling out her phone, she started ranting to Lu Zhanbei.