Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110 Kiss Whenever I Want

Lin Wanwan smirked. "Fine, you can sleep alone today. I will go back to my apartment."

The moment she stood up, Lu Zhanbei caught her by the wrist.

Lin Wanwan laughed mockingly. "Werent you tired of me? Why are you holding me now?"

Lu Zhanbei was calm. "If you continue with this behavior, I will have to kiss you."

With a quick turn, she fell into the arms of the man. The light vanilla scent on his lips overwhelmed her senses, and his gentle movements made Lin Wanwan sink deep into the kiss.

The pair parted after some time.

Lu Zhanbei grabbed Lin Wanwan, who wanted to leave. "You should sit right here."

Lin Wanwan murmured, "Why did you kiss me when Ive stopped acting up?"

"I kiss whenever I want."

"Am I not disturbing you right now?"

"Its fine; I will take revenge at night."

"" How shameless!

The next day, Lin Wanwan received a call from Fan Xiaochen. He asked if she was free to sign a few contracts.

Lin Wanwan raced to the Lin Group after finishing her work.

Fan Xiaochen had prepared the necessary documents. Lin Wanwan started signing them after browsing the content.

After she was done, Fan Xiaochen added, "Im heading to the construction site. Do you want to tag along?"

"Great, Im free."

The two left the office and found Lin Wanxin, followed by Director Wang and the others.

"Second Sister."

Lin Wanxin was friendly as usual.

"I heard that the Hot Spring Villa is going great. Congratulations."

Director Wang and Lin Wanwan had been at war for a long time. "Someone got lucky," he mocked.

Lin Wanwan would never quarrel with a pig, and she grinned to Lin Wanxin. "You can congratulate me when Im sitting on the chair of the CEO. Ill leave for now."

She walked past Lin Wanxin.

Looking at her disappearing figure, Director Wang spat, "If someone like Lin Wanwan can be the CEO, the company isnt far from bankruptcy. This person is so arrogant, and we have to find a way to kick her out!"

Lin Wanxin glanced at his expression while wearing a suspicious smile.

Lin Wanwan and Fan Xiaochen rushed to the construction site. As the city was distant, it took three hours for them to arrive there.

Lin Wanwan stood on an empty field and pointed at a three-story building. "Why is this not removed?"

"The workers are resting inside. No need to rush before the other places are done being demolished."


The Hot Spring Villa was huge. Lin Wanwan studied the area while listening to Fan Xiaochens report.

"Xiangyuan Corporation has invested in this project. They provided financial help and didnt join the construction. Qin Tianqi agreed, so I had no reason to refuse."

Wasnt Xiangyuan Corporation Jin Yuans company?

The Lin Groups status was far from Xiangyuan; why did he choose to collaborate?

Just then, the on-site manager rushed over. "Mr. Fan, there is some matter to discuss."

Lin Wanwan waved her hand. "Go ahead. I can scout the other areas on my own."

"Ill be right back."

The site was covered in dust. Lin Wanwan had made her way to the three-story building.

She was lost in thoughts and was wandering around when she heard a rush of air.