Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 A Hooligan Pretending To Be A Gentleman

She looked up instinctively and saw a pot falling from the roof.

Lin Wanwan was about to dodge it, but an arm wrapped itself around her waist and pulled her three steps back into an uncomfortable hug.


The pot broke into pieces at the spot where shed been standing.

Lin Wanwan gasped.

If she were hit in the head, she could have died!

Was this really an accident?

Lin Wanwan suddenly recalled that she was still in someones arms.

She wanted to struggle, but the man leaned into her shoulders and took a deep breath.

"You smell great."

His voice was gentle and sweet, and it could melt anyones heart.

Lin Wanwan was offended by his flirtatious tone as she pushed him away.

Seeing the defined features on the mans face, she smirked. "So its Mr. Jin. I mistook you for a hooligan."

Jin Yuan looked like a professional in his customized suit.

"I came to check on the work progress without expecting to meet Ms. Lin. This must be fate."

His scanned Lin Wanwan with his eyes and Lin Wanwan felt naked before him.

She narrowed her eyes. "What a coincidence. Your girlfriend said that she was fated with me as well. You guys make a great couple."

She emphasized the word "girlfriend" as a warning.

Jin Yuans expression didnt change. "I just saved you. Shouldnt you at least buy me a meal?"

Lin Wanwan realized that her initial impression of Jin Yuan was all wrong.

He was a hooligan pretending to be a gentleman!

"Are you hitting on me?"

Jin Yuans smile became devilish all of a sudden, giving him a different feel.

He was straightforward. "I wouldnt say that Im hitting on you. I just want to have some fun. Of course, I will pay the cost. How about making you the CEO of the Lin Group."

Lin Wanwan took a step back, holding back the urge to punch him. "Are you not afraid of Lin Qingxi finding out about this?"

"She wouldnt dare to do anything."

Jin Yuan wanted to reach for Lin Wanwans face. "You are way more interesting than Lin Qingxi. You wont regret following me."

Lin Wanwan couldnt hold it anymore. Her hand locked onto his wrist, twisted, and pushed him against the wall.

"Jin Yuan, is this all youve got? Let me warn you. Dont mess with me ever again!"

Jin Yuan didnt resist and turned to smile at her. "I love a rebel. Lin Wanwan, you really hit the spot."


Lin Wanwan didnt even bother scolding him as she let him go.

"Jin Yuan, Im glad."

She was glad that she was abandoned when she was Lin Xiao. How horrible would it have been to marry a man like him?

Looking at Lin Wanwans silhouette, Jin Yuan adjusted his collar. His eyes shone with the light of a hunting predator.

Her attitude was just like Lin Xiaos.

Lin Xiao had escaped his grasp, but Lin Wanwan didnt fall short of his expectations.

Lin Wanwan had wanted to enter the building to investigate the falling pot. However, Jin Yuans true colors grossed her out. After meeting Fan Xiaochen, she told him about the matter and sent him to investigate before returning to the Yun Mansions study room.