Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Heh Heh

"Lu Zhanbei!"

Lin Wanwan saw the man sitting on the sofa and was about to pounce into his arms when Lu Zhanbei shifted his position at the last minute.

"We can talk nicely."

Lin Wanwan stood in front of him with a powerful aura. "If you dont let me hug you, Im going to kiss you!"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed. He stood up, then lowered his head.

"Then do it quickly. Im in a rush and cant be delayed for even a second."


Lin Wanwans lips twitched. A loud laughter could be heard from nowhere suddenly.

"Young people still have the most fun. Zhanbei, youre usually so serious. I didnt expect you to be so to use your cousins term wild?"

Lin Wanwan turned her head stiffly, only to find a familiar face on the large LCD screen on the wall.

He had a clean look and his eyes were kind. They also exuded a strong sense of affinity.

Mr. President!

Oh my. She actually flirted with the presidents grandson in front of him!

In a hurry, Lin Wanwan bowed to the screen. "Mr. President, Im sorry. I lost control of myself just now. Please believe that Im a dignified and restrained person. I wont disturb you any longer. Have a good chat."

After saying this, she turned around and ran away.

The president on the screen smiled more brightly. "Zhanbei, your future wifes quite interesting."

"Grandfather, you have scared her."

The president mumbled that he was a wife-slave, then changed the topic. "If youre asking me to convince your mother to accept her, I cant do it. Even I, as her father, cant stop what she has already decided on."

"No. I just hope that Grandfather can pass me details about the organization."

It wasnt that Lu Zhanbei couldnt find them out for himself. It was just that there were a lot of powers in the organization and it was too time-consuming.

"Who did you become enemies with in the organization this time?"

"Im just taking all precautions."

"Ok. Ill get someone to send you the information via email later."

"Thank you, Grandfather."

Both of them chatted for a while, then ended the video call.

The next day, Lin Wanwan went to the production studio of "Fiery Rose" early in the morning with little sleep.

She wanted to rest for a while when doing her makeup, but Lin Qingxi had already walked over with a group of people from the production team.

"Wanwan, its our birthdays tomorrow. Have you thought of what outfit to wear?"

Lin Wanwan was indifferent. "Anything will do."

Lin Qingxi said disapprovingly, "How can it be anything? Its such an important occasion. Of course, we have to dress up. Why dont we do this? My boyfriend has prepared 12 outfits for me tomorrow. They are all personally designed by Vincent. Ill lend you one of the outfits, alright?"

Her words caused everyone to exclaim.

"Vincent Reeves? Hes the most famous new-edge designer these past two years. I heard that a lot of daughters from prestigious families love his designs. Its a pity hes quite arrogant. Qingxi, your boyfriend could actually engage his services and get him to design 12 outfits at once? Thats incredible!"

"Qingxi, your boyfriend treats you so well. Hes simply the standard of a model boyfriend!"

It was hard to hide the arrogance in Lin Qingxis smile after she heard these compliments.

Lin Wanwan silently pouted. If it were a few days ago, she might have thought that Jin Yuan cared a lot about Lin Qingxi.


Heh heh.

"Wanwan, do you need one?"

"Its fine. I have already prepared my outfit."

Upon hearing this, Lin Qingxi smiled. "Ok, then, I wont force you. However, dont wear too casual an outfit."

After saying this, she walked out with the others.

Even after theyd been walking for a distance, Lin Wanwan could still hear Li Yans disdainful sarcasm.