Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 Eye Catching 1

"Qingxi, why are you worrying about Lin Wanwan for nothing? Her financier is definitely rich. As long as she serviced him well, surely she can get an outfit, right?"

The others followed suit and laughed out loud.

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and continued to rest.

The next day, Lin Wanwan was still busy filming. However, Lin Qingxi didnt come over. She must be busy preparing for tonight.

After getting off work in the evening, Lin Wanwan walked out of the production studio. A car stopped by her side.

"Ms. Lin Wanwan, Ms. Lin Qingxi sent me to pick you up. She would like me to take you directly to the party venue."

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to change her outfit in the car, then drive over. Upon hearing this, she nodded.

Finally, the car stopped at the back door of a six-star hotel in the Imperial Capital. There was a woman in a cheongsam who welcomed her at the door, and she brought Lin Wanwan to a lounge.

"Happy birthday, Ms. Lin. Please rest here for a while. Ms. Lin Qingxi will make an appearance with you later."

Lin Wanwan closed the door and put down the gift box in her hands.

Lin Qingxi must be dressing up now. Also, she didnt arrange a stylist for her. It was obvious she was trying to suppress her.

Thankfully, she was well prepared.

Since Lin Qingxi insisted on inviting her over, then theyd wait and see.

In the stylist room next door, Lin Qingxi was putting on her makeup.

More than a dozen stylists surrounded her, helping her to select her shoes and match her jewelry

Under their clever hands, Lin Qingxi, who was pretty to begin with, became more dazzling.

"Ada, have all the guests arrived?"

"More or less. Mr. Jins entertaining them."

"Ok." Lin Qingxi sized herself up in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction.

She must be the most eye-catching person today!

"Lets go."

Lin Qingxi walked out of the stylists room. She glanced at the room next door and flipped her hair with her manicured nails. Her smile carried with it a trace of bad intentions.

"Call Lin Wanwan over. We are both the main characters tonight. Everyone should see for themselves who the better person is."

At this point in time, in the banquet hall downstairs.

Although Jin Yuan was quite renowned internationally, it was the first time he was in Xia country and his foundation wasnt as strong. Although the identities of the guests today were extraordinary, they were not big shots who stood at the peak of Xia country.

There werent a lot of people from the entertainment circle either. They were all female friends whom Lin Qingxi had made during this period of time. They were currently sizing up these rare-to-meet men with excited looks.

The atmosphere was rather amicable, and Jin Yuan was mingling with the guests.

"I have long heard about CEO Jin and have always wanted to meet you."

"I didnt expect CEO Jin to be so young. I was initially thinking that if you didnt have a girlfriend, that worthless daughter of mine could interact more with you."

Jin Yuan smiled and looked like a proper gentleman. "Qingxi and I are childhood sweethearts. We have been in love for many years, and I only have her in my heart."

The other party felt regretful in his heart but complimented cheerfully on the surface, "CEO Jins such a young and promising individual. I believe your fiance must be very pretty."

Jin Yuan glanced at the figure at the stairs from the corner of his eye and a fascinated light flashed past his eyes.

"Shes coming down."

Upon hearing this, almost everyone looked toward the stairs.

The woman who came down first wore a long white dress. Her hair was in a bun, and two strands of hair fell by the side, like the freshest lotus flower in the lotus pond. People could not help but love her, although the smile on her face was a little forced.

If Lin Qingxis appearance made everyones eyes shine, then Lin Wanwan, who was behind her, was simply too stunning.