Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 Eye Catching 2

She didnt keep her usual low profile and, instead, wore a long, red, bareback dress. The irregular skirt was inlaid with gold rims, and her snow-white calves could be seen faintly as she moved.

She was like a ball of moving flame that came so suddenly, confusing everyones eyes.

Compared to her, Lin Qingxi, who was going for a soft and weak style, seemed a little unpresentable.

Beauty was a weapon. At the same time that it dealt with men, it also pierced women.

Just one look and the mens gazes were fixed on Lin Wanwan. The women were so jealous that their eyes turned red.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan was definitely the center of attention.

Even if Lin Qingxi usually exercised restraint well, her expression was still faintly contorted. When she saw Jin Yuan staring fixedly at Lin Wanwan, she became so angry that she wanted to scream.

She wanted to suppress Lin Wanwan, but she ended up serving as her contrast!

The incident that would make Lin Qingxi break down had yet to come.

"This must be CEO Jins girlfriend. Indeed, shes very beautiful and definitely makes a good-looking couple with CEO Jin!"

"Why do I find her a bit familiar?"

"I heard that shes from the entertainment circle. Of course you would find her familiar."

The look in Lin Qingxis eyes became uglier. She wanted to let her tears fall out of habit, but because of the occasion, she could only hold back.

She knew very clearly when she should act pitiful and when she should be generous and understanding.

Except for a few who were Lin Qingxis friends in the entertainment circle, most of the people present today came in the name of Jin Yuan.

They hadnt seen Lin Qingxi before. Lin Wanwan was dressed glamorously today, which was completely different from the fresh style she used to go for.

Lin Wanwan was appreciating the bluish-white look on Lin Qingxis face and accidentally looked into Jin Yuans eyes.

He blinked lightly, and there was a gentle smile on his face. However, his eyes were full of seduction.

As if saying:You are mine.

Lin Wanwans good mood suddenly disappeared.

"Sorry, everyone. CEO Jins girlfriend is this person next to me, Ms. Lin Qingxi."

"" The surroundings fell into a dead silence immediately.

The compliments came to an abrupt end. The smile on everyones faces became as stiff as a rock.

Lin Wanwan recovered her good mood. There were expression bags everywhere!

In the end, Jin Yuan broke the silence.

He climbed up the stairs and held Lin Qingxis cold hand. It was just that when he walked past Lin Wanwan, he rubbed against her for a while.

Lin Wanwan felt disgusted.


Lin Qingxi looked into Jin Yuans worried eyes and tried her best to smile. However, a layer of mist appeared in her eyes.

"Ah Yuan, Im fine. This is just a misunderstanding. Furthermore, everyone has a love for beauty and I understand that. Its really fine."

These words were said in a generous and understanding manner.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, and the smiles on their faces became more natural.

"Ms. Lin Qingxis right. Compared to looks, inner beauty is the most important. Ms. Qingxis so kind and understanding. She will definitely be CEO Jins capable assistant in the future. We wish the both of you to have a blissful marriage in advance."

Everyone agreed.

Lin Qingxis ugly look eased a little, and she looked at Lin Wanwan, who was next to her. She was gritting her teeth in her heart but had to pretend to be elegant and give a light smile on the surface.

"Wanwan, its your birthday today as well. Arent your boyfriend and friends here to celebrate for you?"

This was Lin Wanwan?

Many people who knew or heard of Lin Wanwan revealed expressions of fascination.

Lin Wanwan shared a close relationship with Tang Chen, and she was being pursued by the Second Master of the Xing family. These pieces of information were already public in the upper circles.

It was a pity that this actresss heart seemed to be higher than the sky.