Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Eye Catching 3

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. "Youre the female lead today. How can I overshadow you?"

She had already stolen her limelight and still dared to say such sarcastic words now!

Lin Qingxi used a smile to hide the coldness in her heart.

"Lets go down."

Lin Wanwan gestured a "please" with her hand and let Jin Yuan and Lin Qingxi walk ahead of her. She followed behind leisurely. When she walked, she attracted looks from many men.

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to find a secluded spot where she could spend the rest of her time at this lousy party. It was a pity that Lin Qingxi was not willing to let her off.

"Wanwan, dont go. Its time to cut the cake."

After that, clap, clap, clap!

Jin Yuan clapped thrice.

The uniformed waiter pushed a cart out with a three-layered cake that was shaped like a castle. Not only did it have a romantic fairytale feel, but it also exuded a sweet and fragrant buttery smell.

Lin Qingxi raised her chin slightly. "Ah Yuan got the renowned cake maker Master Walter to make this personally."

Upon hearing Walters name, the crowd got into heated discussions.

"Wanwan, lets cut the cake."

"No need. You and CEO Jin can have the honors." Lin Wanwan wasnt interested in this.

Lin Qingxi saw that Lin Wanwan wasnt all that ignorant, after all. The smile on her face became wider and she persuaded hypocritically, "Todays your birthday as well. Your boyfriend isnt here to accompany you. How can I let you stand here alone?"

Li Yan echoed with malicious intent, "Lin Wanwan, didnt you say that you and your boyfriend are very loving? Why is he unwilling to attend this party? Is there an unspeakable reason behind this?"

"Yanyan, dont spout nonsense."

"I didnt spout nonsense. If her boyfriend doesnt value her, its either he doesnt really like Lin Wanwan in his heart or that man is an adulterer and doesnt dare to show his face."

Both of them were in perfect harmony and pushed Lin Wanwan into an undesirable situation.

The way everyone looked at Lin Wanwan became complicated. There was disdain, there was dislike, and there was desire.

Lin Wanwan was angered.

This Lin Qingxi was bent on fighting against her, wasnt she?

Shed fulfill her wishes!

Lin Wanwan was about to say something when a loud voice sounded from the door.

"Mr. Lu has arrived."

Everyone was stunned and looked over.

Lin Wanwan held her forehead. It looked like she was going to be completely high-profile today.

Under the backlight, Lu Zhanbei appeared leisurely.

Except for when he was in front of Lin Wanwan, he always looked calm and elegant. His lips were slightly curved, and his eyes contained a thin smile. He seemed gentle and easy to get close to, but that natural nobility was like that of an almighty king, such that he could only be looked at from afar.

The entire place was in an uproar.

Lu Zhanbei was a top figure in the world of the rich and the powerful. His appearance caused the entire place to be shocked.

Jin Yuan and Lin Qingxi could actually invite Mr. Lu to be here.

A trace of surprise flashed past Jin Yuans eyes, and he smiled while walking up.

"Mr. Lu, welcome."

Lu Zhanbei swept his calm gaze over Lin Qingxis face. "It looks like Im a little late."

"As long as Mr. Lus willing to be here, its never too late."

Jin Yuan smiled and invited, "Mr. Lu, please take a seat."

Lu Zhanbei walked near to the cake and sized the beautiful castle cake up. He seemed to be interested. "Oh, right, I heard you mentioning some boyfriend and some adulterer just now. Can you tell me more?"

Ever since Lu Zhanbei appeared, the hall had fallen into a dead silence.