Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 Eye Catching 4

Li Yan stared fixedly at his perfect profile. She was so excited that her voice was trembling. "Mister, we were talking about Lin Wanwans boyfriend."


Although it was only one word, Lu Zhanbeis response encouraged Li Yan and she covered her mouth and laughed daintily.

"Today is Lin Wanwans 20th birthday. However, her boyfriend refused to make an appearance. According to my guess, this person might not exist at all. Otherwise, he must be an adulterer who already has a grown-up grandson. If not, why is there a need to hide?"

"" Lin Wanwan looked at Li Yan pityingly.

What should she do? Shes starting to look forward to what would happen next.

A glimmer of cold light flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. And when he saw a few people looking at Lin Wanwan with contempt, he laughed out of anger.

He walked toward Lin Wanwan with his long legs.

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips and her heart beat faster.

Upon witnessing this scene, everyone was stunned and couldnt recover themselves.

Li Yan, who was standing next to Lin Wanwan, thought that Lu Zhanbei fancied her. She was so agitated that her body was trembling, and she couldnt help but extend her hand.

Lin Wanwan couldnt bear to look at this. She coughed lightly and was about to walk over.

At this moment, a low male voice suddenly sounded.

"Im sorry for being late."

Everyone subconsciously looked over.

Not too far away, a slender figure appeared slowly. He wasnt tall and had a height of only 1.75 meters. However, he had a well-proportioned body. Beneath the slightly messy short hair was an exquisite-looking face.

The knife-shaped eyebrows and distinguished facial features diluted that femininity. It was difficult to distinguish his gender via his beautiful face.

Almost all the womens eyes shone.


Lin Wanwan nearly laughed out loud and quickly swallowed back her vulgarities.


The person snapped his fingers.

Two men in suits pushed a cart out and followed his footsteps. With everyone staring, he walked toward Lin Wanwan.

"Dear, something happened at the hospital and I could take some time out only now. Dont blame me, ok?"

Lin Wanwan looked into his passionate gaze and her lips twitched.


"Dear, call me Ah Yu."


Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhanbei silently. Seeing that his eyes had turned cold, she knew that he didnt arrange this.

After hesitating for three seconds, she gave a sweet smile decisively. "Ah Yu."

This "man" named Shen Yu curved his lips and smiled. He held her hand and lowered his head, giving the back of her hand a kiss in front of Lu Zhanbei. That intoxicating gentleness dazzled a lot of women.

Li Yan was so jealous that her eyes turned red. She couldnt help but shout, "Lin Wanwan, who is he?"

Everyone listened in carefully as well.

Shen Yu raised his eyebrows. "Im Wanwans boyfriend. She didnt mention me before?"

After pausing for a while, he smiled again. "Number one, Im only 22 years old this year. I dont have a grandson yet. Number two, I think the terms casual and elegant suit me more. Fat and what-not should be used on your godfather instead."

Even if Li Yan was thick-skinned enough, her face still turned pale when she heard these words. She was filled with so much hatred that her body kept trembling.

At this moment, Lin Qingxi stood up. "So youre Lin Wanwans boyfriend. Ive heard her mention you so many times and I finally get to see you in person. Do you work in a hospital?"

"Thats right."

A trace of disdain flashed past Lin Qingxis eyes.

So it turned out that he was just a small-time doctor.

"You came at the right time. Were just about to cut the cake."

"Coincidentally, I also prepared a cake for Wanwan."