Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 Eye Catching 5

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Lin Qingxi was at first shocked. Then, she said perplexedly, "Is that so? Actually, just one cake will be enough. Why dont we do this? Well let the guests choose for themselves. Although its rare to see Master Walters own product, everyone has their own particular taste. Even an ordinary cake has its pros."

Lin Wanwan was completely speechless.

Lin Qingxis vanity and craze to vie with one another were stronger than those of any other woman she had met before.

She even wanted to compare a cake and show it off?

Li Yan hated Lin Wanwan and this Shen Yu to death. She was the first to jump out. "Of course Im going to eat Qingxis cake. How could a small-time doctor afford anything good? Dont ruin my tastebuds."

Lin Qingxi smiled and said, "Ah Yuan, lets cut the cake together."


Both of them held up the long knife and cut the cake into half. Then, they divided it into countless pieces evenly.

"Everyone, please try it."

After Lin Qingxi called out to them, everyone gathered over. No one showed any interest in Lin Wanwan.

The people who received the cake first gave out compliments while tasting it.

At this moment, Lin Qingxi seemed to have recognized Lin Wanwans embarrassing situation. She smiled apologetically. "Wanwan, sorry. We forgot to wait for you. Cut your cake quickly. After all, todays your birthday. I should at least take a slice of it."

The last sentence carried with it a trace of giving grace.

Shen Yu glanced at Lin Wanwan. "Open it."

Lin Wanwan pinched the corner of the white cloth that covered the entire cart.

Li Yan pouted. "Im not going to eat rubbish"


The white cloth was pulled open.

Through a glass cover, a five-layered cake inside could be seen.

This was a wedding cake with beautiful roses and floats. What was most impressive was the two figurines at the top layer. The man who was wearing a suit was kissing a bride in a wedding dress. The workmanship was so exquisite that the facial features were lifelike in appearance.

An English name was carved on a piece of chocolate at the corner of the cake.

Gayle Aaron.

"Oh my, its too beautiful"

A few women subconsciously covered their mouths and looked obsessed.

A person in the know immediately shouted, "Gayle Aaron Hes the most famous pastry chef in the world. He made the birthday cake for the queen in Country Y last year. Oh, right, hes also Walters teacher!"

"Isnt Lin Wanwans boyfriend a doctor? How did he manage to invite such a great pastry chef?!"

"If this cake is at a doctorate level, then Lin Qingxis is at a high-school level."


The men were just fine, but the women were going crazy and were chattering nonstop. They didnt know that every sentence of their discussions was like oil being poured on fire. They burned until Lin Qingxis face ached from the pain.

Shen Yu looked at Lin Wanwan. It was obviously the face of a beauty, and he looked exceptionally charming when he smiled.

"Dear, I ordered this personally for you. Youre the bride and Im the groom. Do you like it?"

Lin Wanwan glanced silently at the man whose face had darkened.

His ability to lie through his teeth was strong.

The grooms face was obviously Lu Zhanbeis, alright?!

Shen Yu pinched her chin and didnt allow her to turn her head. He carried with him the temperament of an overbearing CEO.

"Im your boyfriend. You can look only at me!"

"Yes, yes. I like it."

When the two cut the cake, a number of people revealed expressions of "it was such a pity" on their faces.

It was so beautiful. They couldnt bear to eat it.

Lin Wanwan was just about to ask them to try some when most people put down the cakes in their hands, ran toward her, and stared at her fixedly.