Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 Eye Catching 6

The cake was distributed very quickly.

Lin Wanwan swept her gaze over the contented faces. Her gaze landed on Lin Qingxi, who was trying her best to endure it but was still looking ugly. She smiled unkindly.

"Dear, open your mouth. Ill feed you."

Lin Wanwan looked into Shen Yus affectionate eyes and felt that her back was about to be burned through by a line of sight.

She became thick-skinned and opened her mouth. The sweet smell spread through her mouth, but she found it tasteless.

She was still feeling troubled when Shen Yu suddenly rubbed his slender finger against her lips. Then, he licked the finger that had some cream with the tip of his tongue and smiled evilly.

"How sweet."

"" Lin Wanwan was about to explode. She cried without tears.

The intimate interaction between the two caused a commotion. Some women cast envying gazes at them from time to time.

Only Lu Zhanbei looked at this scene coldly. The coldness that was exuded from his body caused the bigshots who wanted to get closer to him to retreat.

This Shen Yu was good!

He snatched his cake, snatched his lines, and even dared to take advantage of his woman!

Lu Zhanbei suddenly laughed. He was naturally good-looking. It was unknown how many women had had their souls hooked away with this smile.

Coincidentally, Shen Yus back turned cold upon seeing this smile.

Lin Qingxi noticed that everyones attention was on Lin Wanwan. She quickly threw Li Yan a look.

Li Yan understood what she meant and hurriedly took out the gift box that had been prepared in advance. "Qingxi, this is my gift for you. Happy birthday."

"Thank you."

"Open it up and take a look. I spent a long time picking it."

Lin Qingxi opened the box and saw a diamond bracelet inside. The smile on her face was sincere. "Yanyan, thank you. Its so pretty."

Upon seeing the situation, the rest also started to give their gifts.

All the gifts were of great value and were things that girls liked. Expensive jewelry, high-quality branded clothing, exquisite accessories

The haze between Lin Qingxis eyebrows disappeared now that she had earned enough face back for herself.

Li Yan said, "CEO Jin, we saved the best for last for you. Dont disappoint us."

Lin Qingxi cast an expectant look toward Jin Yuan.

Jin Yuan smiled gently. He suddenly knelt on one knee on the ground and held up the small blue box in his hands. He opened the box, and there was a heart-shaped diamond ring the size of a pigeon egg inside.

"Qingxi, will you marry me?"

Lin Qingxi was so shy her face was flushed red.


Li Yan held her face with both hands. In addition to envy and admiration, there was also a trace of jealousy in her eyes. "Qingxi, CEO Jins so attentive. Such a huge diamond ring and such a sincere proposal. Accept him quickly. Both of you are childhood sweethearts and can finally obtain a positive result."

To gossip was human nature. Everyone started to kick up a fuss as well.

Lin Qingxi enjoyed being the center of attention, and her face glowed with excitement.

Who was Lin Wanwan? Lin Qingxi was the female lead today, alright?!

Lin Wanwan was lost in thought.

Lin Qingxi and Jin Yuan were childhood sweethearts?

Could it be that these two had mingled together before she was sent to the orphanage?

Someone suddenly pulled her right hand. Lin Wanwan turned back subconsciously and looked into Lu Zhanbeis half-laughing eyes.

"What are you thinking of?"

Out of animal instincts, Lin Wanwan felt a deep sense of danger.


Lu Zhanbei loosened his lips. "If youre envious, I dont mind."

"Dont mind what?"

"Proposing to you."

Lin Wanwan read the eagerness to take action in his eyes and found it funny.