Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Eye Catching 7

Seeing that everyone was focused on the proposal, Shen Yu walked over and said unhappily, "Lin Wanwans my girlfriend and youre flirting with her in front of me. Dont you take me seriously at all?"

Lu Zhanbei laughed coldly. "Shen Zhiyi, havent you played enough?"

Lin Wanwan sighed. "Sister Zhiyi, why are you here?"

She really looked like a man with this outfit. Even the fake Adams apple looked real as well.

"Lu Zhanbei can be here. Why cant I?"

Lin Wanwan choked and rubbed her throbbing temples. "I cant be bothered to look at Lin Qingxi showing off anymore. Lets leave soon."

Shen Zhiyi flicked away the strands of hair above her forehead. "No. I have prepared something more exciting for later."


Lin Wanwan was about to persuade her to dispel such thoughts when her voice was suppressed by loud cheers.

"Im willing to."

Lin Qingxi nodded with tears in her eyes. Jin Yuan put the ring on her ring finger, then got up and kissed her lips.

A round of applause sounded.

This kiss lasted for nearly five minutes.

Lin Wanwan felt disgusted looking at Jin Yuans affectionate face.

After the two had thanked the guests for their blessings, Lin Wanwan seized the opportunity and pulled Shen Zhiyi forward, wanting to bid goodbye. However, Lin Qingxi opened her mouth and said first, "Wanwan, even if you dont have any friends here to give you any gifts, your boyfriend should have prepared a surprise for you, right? Wont you show us something good?"

Li Yan didnt miss any chance to step on Lin Wanwan. "Lin Wanwan, you have been in the entertainment circle for quite a few years now. Why dont you have a single friend? Is it because you dont have good connections, or is it because youre not easy to get along with?"

Shen Zhiyi raised her eyebrow. "Who said that my Wanwan doesnt have friends?"

She snapped her fingers.

Very quickly, a voice sounded from the door.

"Young Tang arrives."

Lin Wanwans eyelids jumped. An ominous feeling seized her heart.

Lu Zhanbei looked at Shen Zhiyi coldly.

Indeed, this woman was deserving of a beating!

Tang Chens arrival caused a commotion at the scene.

As always, young Tang was dressed in a showy manner. There was a wing-shaped brooch on his light-colored casual suit, and his neckline was slightly open. His exquisite collarbone could be seen faintly. Coupled with the lazy smile on his face, he exuded fatal seductiveness.

"How crowded."

He walked over leisurely and swept his peach-shaped eyes over Shen Zhiyi. "Oh, isnt this the Second Master of the Shen family from the Imperial Capital, Shen Yu? You havent broken up with Lin Wanwan?"

Shen Zhiyi threw him a look, satisfied that he knew how to play the game. "Why? Are you interested in taking over her from me?"

"I do have this intention."

"You better give up early, then. I will like only Lin Wanwan in this lifetime."

Lin Wanwan covered her face.

How embarrassing!

Everyone lost themselves when they heard the term "Second Master of the Shen family."

There was indeed a Shen family in the Imperial Capital. However, that was a family so rich and powerful that they were unreachable. Also, they heard that there was only a Miss in the Shen family.

Tang Chen couldnt be bothered to argue with her. "Im here to deliver something today."

He waved his hands, and the few bodyguards behind him immediately stepped forward.

"Ms. Shen gave this to you. She wishes you and her brother, Shen Yu, to have a blissful marriage."

"" This was the first time Lin Wanwan had seen someone who could play as well as Ms. Shen did.

The bodyguard opened the box, and inside, there was a set of wedding gowns used during ancient times. The embroidery was beautiful, and there was a phoenix crown that was studded with precious stones.

Everyone was shocked by this huge gesture.