Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Hitting On Her?

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"The desserts I just had were incomparable with the ones at Golden Sparrow. I wasted my time coming here,cries~"

Lin Wanwan didnt mind Lu Zhanbei not replying her.

Back at the studio, she was about to get the makeup artist do her makeup.

"Wanwan, your delivery is here!"

When did she call for delivery?

"Give me a second"

She shuffled out after giving the makeup artist an apologetic smile. A man in a white T-shirt and vest were waiting with a dozen well-designed bags. A sparrow logo was printed on each of them.

"Ms. Lin Wanwan?"


"This is your delivery from Golden Sparrow. Please sign here."

"Golden Sparrow?"

Someone exclaimed, "Thats the grandest dining palace in the entire Imperial Capital. Having a meal there requires membership, and only the diamond membership would activate delivery service! There are only around fifty diamond cards in the country. How would Lin Wanwan have one when all the gentlefolks have to fight for it?"

"It seems like Lin Wanwan has been hiding her light under a bushel. Did the Lin family get it for her? Does the Lin family even have such authority?"

"Could it be the owner of the Rolls-Royce who appeared during the conference?"

It was a bull session at the studio.

Since the reporter didnt have the guts to publish anything about Lu Zhanbei, his actions remained hidden from the public. Everyone could only guess as no one knew who Lu Zhanbei was.

Lin Wanwan received the bags and told the delivery man, "Thank you."

It must be Lu Zhanbei who sent them.

Under everyones eyes, Lin Wanwan took the desserts to An Qiao. Taking one out, she offered, "Uncle, this is for you."

An Qiao opened it up. "Thanks! Its rare to see you being this generous."

"Its just that I dont like the black forest flavor."

"Ops!" Lin Wanwan covered her mouth. "Im too honest sometimes"

An Qiao was dumbfounded. ""

Lin Wanwan picked out two of her favorite flavors and distributed the rest. "Im not selfish like what uncle An said! Everyone can have some."

"Haha!" Laughter broke out from the crowd.

The desserts were distributed and got a pretty good response.

Lin Wanwan grinned. "Im glad you guys enjoyed it."

When Hai Lan saw everyone surrounding Lin Wanwan, her face sank.

She gave Chu Yang a signal. Chu Yang nodded and walked up to Lin Wanwan. "Wanwan, am I going to lose my share just because Im late for the party?"

Looking at his gentle smile and his "humorous" wink, Lin Wanwan couldnt help but recall his conversation with Hai Lan. It made her sick.

"Here you go, Chu Yang." She passed a bag over.

Chu Yang sneaked her another wink. "Thanks! Ill buy you a meal to return the favor!"

"" Lin Wanwan felt super uncomfortable.

What was he trying to do? Hitting on her? Wasnt he a couple with Hai Lan?

Lin Wanwan nodded. She took a peek at Hai Lan, who just walked away with a clouded face. Suspicion spiked in Lin Wanwan.

Did he break up with Hai Lan right after they had a good time?

The filming lasted until midnight. When Lin Wanwan finally got the chance to drop Lu Zhanbei a text, she received no reply as usual.

The next day, Chu Yang came up with a cup of coffee as soon as Lin Wanwan entered the lounge.