Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Eye Catching 8

"Ms. Ruan gave this to you. She wishes you to have a baby soon."

Ruan Baoer gave her a Guanyin statue that was carved from "mutton fat" jade.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Pooh. She was not married yet. What baby would she have?

"These are from Si Han, Mo Chen, Xing Si, Xing Junhuan"

As Tang Chen read out each name, the bodyguard opened each box.

Each gift-giver had an extraordinary status. Every gift was invaluable. Everyone exclaimed and couldnt close their mouths. They looked at Lin Wanwan with incredulity.

This woman was going against Heavens law!

Each of her friends stood at the peak of Xia countrys world of the powerful. It would have been extremely lucky for one to just know either one of them. However, she knew so many of them!

With everyone staring at her in shock, Lin Wanwan asked, "Where are they?"

"Ive chased all of them away."


Tang Chen threw her a wink. "I wouldnt want them to come over and compete for your attention."

Lin Wanwan really didnt know what else to say.

Everyone looked at her as if she was a mutant.

They had heard before that there was a group of outstanding men surrounding Lin Wanwan. They doubted it in the past. Now, seeing was believing.

"As for me"

At this moment, Shen Zhiyi signaled Lin Wanwan to open up her palm. Then, she placed a golden key in it.

"This is the key to my small gold vault. All my family belongings are inside. Of course, you can understand it as this being the key to my heart. As long as you dont want it, my heart will never allow a second person to enter!"

This this was the bomb!

Lin Wanwan felt only that she was holding a piece of soldering iron in her hands. Both throwing it away or accepting it were not options.

Li Yan had long wanted to go crazy from the jealousy. She said sarcastically, "What small gold vault would a small doctor have? I bet everything inside is worthless."

Tang Chen threw out a sentence lightly. "Would Shen Zishans son have worthless things?"

Upon everyone hearing this, there was an uproar.

"Shen Zishan is the head of the Shen family. It looks like this Shen Yu is indeed a son of the Shen family! However, Ive never heard of the Second Master of the Shen family before. Could it be that hes an illegitimate son?"

"I didnt expect Lin Wanwans boyfriend to have such a strong background. If she can marry into the Shen family, she will definitely transform into a phoenix!"

"To be honest, I pity Lin Qingxi a little now. Her limelight today has been stolen by others. Shes not as good-looking as Lin Wanwan, her birthday cake cant fight against hers, and she failed in boasting as well. In the end, even her boyfriend lost to Lin Wanwans. Alas, what a tragedy."

"Lets see if we can get close to the Second Master of the Shen family using Lin Wanwan later. Even if we cant develop a good relationship with him, we cant afford to offend him."

These whisperings were like slaps, and they hit Lin Qingxi so hard that she was ashamed to death.

She didnt suppress Lin Wanwan. Instead, she herself turned into a big joke!

If she had known earlier, she wouldnt have invited Lin Wanwan over!

Shen Zhiyi appreciated her stiff expression and extended a hand.

"Dear, lets go."

Lin Wanwan hooked her arm on hers.

Both of them had just taken two steps when Tang Chen immediately said, "Im leaving as well."

Lu Zhanbei didnt even bother to bid goodbye. He turned around and just left. It could be seen how unhappy he was.

Once the most important characters had left, the rest were no longer in the mood to eat, drink, and make merry. They only gossiped excitedly and cast gloating looks at Lin Qingxi occasionally. Lin Qingxi felt extremely embarrassed in her heart.