Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Whoever Dared To Get In Her Way Would Die A Horrible Death

The birthday party ended hastily.

After sending away the guests, Lin Qingxi no longer forced out smiles and her eyes turned red. Tears fell rapidly.

"Qingxi, dont cry."

Jin Yuan hugged her heartachingly and stroked her hair.

Lin Qingxi cried, "Ah Yuan, I have lost so much face this time around. How do I show my face to everyone in the future? Why does Lin Wanwan have to treat me this way? I kindly invited her to the party and she gave me a slap to the face. She went too overboard."

A trace of dark light flashed past Jin Yuans eyes. "That Shen Yu cant possibly be her boyfriend, unless she found a new man."

"What? Really?"

"Yes. Ive seen news regarding Lin Wanwan before. Her boyfriend appeared in the picture as well. Based on the figure, its obviously not that Shen Yu."

Lin Qingxis focus was different from his. "Ah Yuan, why do you care about Lin Wanwan? Furthermore, you have been sizing her up previously. Could it be that you Ive known you since I was four. Could it be that our 21 years of relationship cant fight against someone like Lin Wanwan?"

"Qingxi, dont think too much. You know how I feel about you."


Lin Qingxi cried pitifully with her back facing him.

Jin Yuans eyes flashed with a trace of impatience, but his tone became gentler as he said, "Im just curious about Lin Wanwan, who has replaced Lin Xiaos role."

Lin Qingxis face changed. "Could it be that youre still thinking about Lin Xiao?"

"What nonsense are you spouting? When Lin Xiao was sent to the orphanage, I was just an eight-year-old. How could I have any thoughts about her?"

Lin Qingxis heart relaxed. There were still tears in her eyes as she said out of spite, "Even if I were to be taken back to the Lin family and be surnamed Lin, it cant change the fact that Im just an illegitimate daughter. Only my sister is a legitimate daughter."

"Nonsense!" Jin Yuan reprimanded. "Lin Xiao has already been removed from the Lin family. Youre the only daughter the Lin family has, and youre my only fiance."

"Ah Yuan, youre so good to me."

Lin Qingxi was so touched that she pounced into his arms. Her crying eyes flashed with smugness.

So what if Lin Xiao was outstanding?

So what if she was the legitimate daughter from the family?

She had already turned into a pile of ashes. Now, Lin Qingxi had snatched away her parents love for her, obtained her fianc, and taken over her identity.

What was most important was that even if she was dead, Lin Qingxi wanted to make use of her fully!

Regardless of whether it was Lin Xiao or Lin Wanwan, whoever dared to get in her way would die a horrible death!

In the car, Lin Wanwan was "questioning" Shen Zhiyi.

"Whos Shen Yu? Whose identity have you replaced?"

"Didnt Tang Chen say it before? Hes my brother."

"Ive never heard that you had a brother."

Shen Zhiyi became upset upon mentioning Shen Yu, and she now had an ugly expression on her face.

"Shen Yu was sent to my overseas grandfather at a very young age. These past few years, hes been mingling with triads and recently got addicted to gambling. My father was so angry that he wanted to disown him. He didnt allow him to return, and he never acknowledged that Shen Yu was his son."

Lin Wanwan understood it. Then, she pointed to the "Adams apple" on her neck and asked, "Your makeup techniques really good."

"Anything produced by Baoer would definitely be a fine product." Shen Zhiyi flicked her fringe. "How is it? Have you been charmed by my looks?"

"" Lin Wanwan saw from the corner of her eye Lu Zhanbei, who had been quiet throughout. She knew that he must be feeling horrible in his heart and hurriedly grabbed his arm. "I like only him."