Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Only I Can Occupy This Spot

"Bad taste."

Shen Zhiyi pouted, then held Tang Chens shoulders as if they were good brothers.

"Peach-shaped eyes, you have coordinated well with me today. Im very satisfied."

Tang Chen removed her hands and smiled lazily. "Treat it that I was returning the favor for that kiss back then. We dont owe each other now."

Shen Zhiyis face immediately darkened.

She had been trying deliberately to forget about that kiss. It was almost a success, but Tang Chen just had to rub his nose into it!


With a sword-like glow, the sharp scalpel was inserted into Tang Chens seat.

"Dream on!"

"Could it be that Ms. Shen wants to trap me for life with that kiss? Please, Im not interested in a tomboy. If you really think youre at the losing end, why dont I let you kiss me back?"


At this moment, Lu Zhanbei said, "Stop the car."

The car stopped. Lu Zhanbei pushed open the car door.

"Theres a hotel nearby. Please feel free."

Tang Chen yawned and got off the car. "Ok, Ill get going first. Otherwise, there wont be anything good for me later."

Shen Zhiyi didnt want to leave. However, Lu Zhanbeis cold gaze made her feel goosebumps in her heart. Thinking of what she had done tonight, she fled away quickly as well.

Lu Zhanbeis emotionless voice sounded from behind her.

"Shen Zhiyi, Ill get even with you for this."

Shen Zhiyi looked fixedly as the car drove away. She couldnt help but roll her eyes at Tang Chen. "Youre to be blamed for coming up with this lousy idea."

"Youre the one who executed it." Tang Chen raised his eyebrow and smiled. "Its like if I go to bed with you, can you sue me for rape?"

Without saying a word, Shen Zhiyi swept out her leg. Thankfully, Tang Chen managed to avoid it in time.

"Lets not see each other again." Shen Zhiyi turned around and got into another car after saying these words.

Tang Chen laughed and walked leisurely along the street.

Upon returning to the Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei headed for the bedroom directly. He ignored Lin Wanwan and went to the washroom.

Lin Wanwan wanted to follow up but was stopped by the closed door.

Finally, she leaned over after Lu Zhanbei finished taking a shower.

"Mr. Lu, are you angry?"


Lu Zhanbei got on the bed. Lin Wanwan followed suit and climbed up. "Dont mind this. At the very most, Ill clarify my relationship with Sister Zhiyi tomorrow."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her. "Stay away from her in the future."

"No problem," Lin Wanwan answered at first. But then, she couldnt help but retaliate. "Sister Zhiyis just a woman. Arent you going too overboard, trying to defend against her like shes a love rival?"

Lu Zhanbei stretched out his long arm and held her in his arms. He placed his other hand on her lips and slid down slowly.

"Only I can kiss you here."

"Only I can touch you here."

"Only I can occupy this spot."

"Lin Wanwan, your heart, soul, and every part of your body belong to me."

Lu Zhanbei had said these in a low tone and his movements were bold. His passionate eyes were like a huge net that enveloped her firmly.

For a while, Lin Wanwan actually didnt dare to look at him straight in the eyes.

Lu Zhanbei raised her chin, forcing them to have eye contact.

"Am I right? Eh?"

Lin Wanwan felt numb in her heart, and there was that kind of shyness she experienced when she first fell in love with Lu Zhanbei.


"Good girl."

It was rare for him to have gentle eyes, and Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat again. She felt that she was a loser and immediately grabbed his shirt collar and ordered like a queen, "Only I can have your body and heart as well. If you dare to let another woman touch you, Ill plant a grassland on your head!"