Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 Whether I Die Or Live In The Future Has Nothing To Do With You

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and smiled. "Good."

Lin Wanwan also gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Good."

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips. She really refused to be on the losing end at all.

However, Lin Wanwan didnt expect that before she could have the chance to clarify her relationship with Shen Zhiyi, the media had already spread the matter wide.

It was unknown who had secretly taken intimate photos of Lin Wanwan and Shen Zhiyi yesterday at the banquet. After media saturation, captions such as #Lin Wanwan two-times# and #Lin Wanwan got herself a new man# became popular overnight.

As Jin Yuan had said, there was a huge difference between Shen Zhiyis and Lu Zhanbeis figures. They obviously didnt belong to the same person.

Lin Wanwan guessed that Lin Qingxi must have done this and could neither cry nor laugh.

There was an extensive discussion on the Internet.

Some people accused Lin Wanwan of being promiscuous and of harboring evil intentions. Some people felt that now was the era for freedom of love and that if Lin Wanwan had broken up amicably with her previous boyfriend, then it was very normal for her to get herself a new man.

Seeing that there werent any scenes for her to film in the afternoon, Lin Wanwan drove to the Shen family home.

The Shen familys residence was at the city center. From afar, it looked like a castle.

After reporting her identity, the servant went to convey the message.

"Ms. Lin, Miss invites you in."

Before Lin Wanwan could walk further, she heard a loud noise coming from inside.

"Shen Zhiyi, you dont have to worry about me. Whether I want to gamble or set fire to someone and kill them, it has nothing to do with you at all. Because Father dotes on you, you didnt allow me to return to the country. Now, you even want to send me to the army. Why are you so vicious?"

Lin Wanwan hesitated if she should walk in.

"Im vicious?"

Shen Zhiyi laughed coldly and said, "Shen Yu, if this family didnt protect you, based on your current lifestyle, your grave would already have been three meters high!"

"Shen Zhiyi!"

Hearing a loud roar, Lin Wanwan hurriedly walked in, for fear that Shen Zhiyi would be hurt.

She saw Shen Yu lift his leg, wanting to kick the chair Shen Zhiyi was sitting on.

Shen Zhiyi stood up fiercely and grabbed Shen Yus shoulder with her right hand. She pushed down and Shen Yu fell to the carpet.

"How am I wrong?"

Shen Zhiyi squatted down and held Shen Yus collar tightly. She raised her eyebrows. That face, which was even more handsome than a mans, revealed disdain.

"Shen Yu, youre 17 this year, not seven. If you dont progress, Father will kick you out of this family sooner or later!"

Shen Yu looked similar to Shen Zhiyi, who was dressed like a man. Both of them were exquisite and showy.

"Didnt Father already kick me out of this family? When I was seven, they cut off my living expenses. If I hadnt gambled and robbed, I would have long starved to death. Shen Zhiyi, I know you have been waiting for me to die so that you can take my place as the successor!"

"As long as you join the army for three years, Ill immediately let Father announce your identity as the successor to the public after youre back!"


Seeing Shen Zhiyis sharp look, Shen Yu snorted coldly. "I can create a world of my own without relying on the Shen family!"

Shen Zhiyi laughed out of anger. "Are you trying to make me laugh myself to death? You think that you can make a fortune after being a small-time leader in some lousy triad who earns a few tens of thousands via gambling? Our Shen family has centuries of history. How did we raise such a short-sighted gangster like you?"

"You dont have to bother yourself about me!"

Shen Yu pushed her away and stood up. "Anyway, that old man never treated me as his own son. Whether I die or live in the future has nothing to do with you!"