Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124 Mr. Lus lousy Idea

At this moment, he saw Lin Wanwan, who was standing by the door. He sized her up coldly and said, "Youre that celebrity girlfriend whom Shen Zhiyi, who replaced my identity, has? I warn you, if you want to find someone accountable for this, go and seek out Shen Zhiyi. Dont bug me. I dont like women who are older than I am."

After saying this, he walked away gracefully.


Lin Wanwans face darkened.

She had been tender for many years. This was the first time someone had found her to be old!

"Wanwan, ignore him. Come in and take a seat quickly."

Hearing Shen Zhiyi call her, Lin Wanwan sat down. "Your brother has returned?"

"Yes, he arrived yesterday midnight."

Shen Zhiyis always-smiling face carried with it a trace of irritation. "He even brought those younger brothers over and went to gamble at the casino overnight. They won a few tens of thousands of dollars and plan to live on gambling and protection fees."

Lin Wanwan was stunned.

If Shen Yu were born in an ordinary family, she wouldnt have been surprised. However, the Shen family was a rich and powerful family in Xia country. How did they raise such a child?

Reading the puzzlement in her eyes, Shen Zhiyi sighed.

"My fathers feelings for my mother is the same as how Lu Zhanbei likes you. In order to give birth to Shen Yu, my mother died from dystocia on the operating table. My father bore a grudge against him. Coupled with how incompetent Shen Yu is, my father had completely given up on him and couldnt be bothered to ask about him."

Lin Wanwan nodded in understanding. "Hes still young now. You have to turn his character around as soon as possible, before its too late."

"I have tried everything. They didnt work."

Shen Zhiyi had reported only on the good matters all along. This was not only reflected in her attitude toward her family but also her friends. She changed the topic quickly. "I have seen the rumors on the Internet. Are you looking for me to help you clarify this matter?"


If it were in the past, Shen Zhiyi would definitely tease her. However, she only nodded now.

"Ok. Do you need to hold a press conference?"

"No need. Just give me two photos of you in womens clothing."


Lin Wanwan left with a heavy heart.

Sister Zhiyi had helped her many times before. If she could, she really wished she could be of help.

Before returning to the production studio, Lin Wanwan sent a Weibo message.

Lin Wanwan: "This was a cute misunderstanding."

There were a few photos underneath the caption.

The first two photos were intimate photos of her and of Shen Zhiyi dressed as a man. The next two photos were of Shen Zhiyi in womens wear.

The battle on the Internet transformed into a new kind of madness because of these photos.

"Damn! Who is this handsome woman? Shes absolutely handsome! Im willing to turn into a lesbian for her!"

"This woman looks quite compatible with Ball. Can Ball please reveal more information on her~"

Looking at these comments, Lin Wanwan couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Not too long later, something that made her speechless happened.

Shen Zhiyi could actually spark discussions among a huge number of netizens using these photos, and this made the headlines!

Lin Wanwan sighed. In this day and age, it was easier to rely on ones looks rather than on ones talent to make a living, sadly.

The two-timing rumor was over just like that. Certain initiators were unsatisfied.

Lin Wanwan had a long day of filming. Lu Zhanbei wiped her long and wet hair dry and noticed her expression of distress.

"What are you troubled over?"

Lin Wanwan told him what she had seen in the Shen family. "Do you have any idea about how to correct Shen Yus behavior?"

Lu Zhanbei couldnt hold back his laughter.

Even if he did, he wouldnt help a love rival who had repeatedly ruined his plans.

He was about to decline when inspiration struck him. "Yes."

"Tell me."

"Find Tang Chen."