Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 I Want You To Be My Lover

Looking into Lin Wanwans puzzled gaze, Lu Zhanbei smiled kindly and said, "Number one, Tang Chen owns the largest casino in Xia country. As long as hes willing to bring Shen Yu to see the dark world inside, Shen Yu might give up the thought of gambling. Number two, Tang Chen is involved in some gray businesses, so itll be the most appropriate for him to educate Shen Yu."

It sounded quite reasonable.

"Then should I go and ask Tang Chen for help?"

"Let Shen Zhiyi ask him herself." Lu Zhanbei didnt want Lin Wanwan to have any relationship with Tang Chen.

"Would Tang Chen agree?"

"Tang Chen owes Shen Zhiyi a favor. He would agree."

That legendary kiss

Lin Wanwan nodded. "Ill talk to Sister Zhiyi another day, then."

"Yes." Lu Zhanbei switched off the blow dryer.

After a good nights sleep

Lin Wanwan arrived at the production studio early in the morning. She nestled herself in a chair and allowed the makeup artists hand to move back and forth on her face.

"Ball, let me ask you something."

"Ask ahead."

"Your boyfriend, oh no, that friend who was dressed as a man, who is she? Is she interested to develop herself in the entertainment circle? Can you introduce her to me?"

Lin Wanwan saw that her cheeks were stained red and she raised her eyebrow.

"Are you trying to climb over the wall?"

Wasnt this girl her fan?!

The girl laughed and was about to say something when the other female staff personnel in the dressing room surrounded them and started to ask more about Shen Zhiyi.

Lin Qingxi saw this scene as soon as she entered.

She suppressed the hatred in her heart and walked over with a smile on her face. "Wanwan, since the matter the night before was just a mistake, wheres your real boyfriend? What important matter did he have to attend to such that he wasnt even willing to make it to your birthday party?"

Lin Wanwan glanced at Jin Yuan, who was standing behind her. She saw him secretly blinking at her, looking ambiguous, and she couldnt help but shift her gaze away out of disgust.

Lin Qingxi held Jin Yuans arm and asked like a spoiled child, "Ah Yuan, if you were busy on my birthday, would you be absent from my party?"


Lin Qingxi smiled sweetly and said meaningfully, "As long as a man loves a woman enough, no matter how busy he is, he wouldnt be absent for any of her important dates. Wanwan, you have to be careful."

Lin Wanwan felt that this was the last straw for her.

It was Lin Qingxis matter if she was willing to treat a scumbag as a treasure. Did she have to boast about it in front of her repeatedly?

"Qingxi, is this your boyfriend?"

Li Yan and the rest had already seen Jin Yuan before. Some of the staff personnel were seeing him for the first time and their eyes shone.

Lin Qingxi smiled shyly. When she walked over with Jin Yuan just now, they had already attracted a lot of envious and jealous gazes.

"Ah Yuan has already proposed to me. We are now engaged."

These words led to everyone saying their congratulations.

Seeing that Lin Qingxi was entangled in discussions, Lin Wanwan took this opportunity to sneak out.

As soon as she walked out of the washroom, Lin Wanwan bumped into Jin Yuan at the door. The man with a gentle look threw away the cigarette he was holding between his fingertips and placed his palm against the wall, blocking her way.

"Ms. Lin, how have you considered the matter I last spoke to you about?"

"To date me?"

"No, Ive changed my mind now."

Jin Yuan looked at her cold face and curved his lips charmingly. "I want you to be my lover."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan laughed out of anger.

At this moment, she felt that Jin Yuan and Lin Qingxi were really compatible. Both of them were strongly confident in themselves.