Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 I Hate You

Lin Wanwan said sarcastically, "A man like you is really cheap. The fact that Im not a self-degrading individual aside, even if I was, I wouldnt fancy you. You better stay together with your fiance and not harm anyone else."

Jin Yuans eyes became cold and he raised his eyebrow, giving a fake smile. "So youre asking for it?"

Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered with him. She turned around and walked away.

Jin Yuan grabbed her wrist fiercely. "Lin Wanwan, you better know whats good for you. How many female celebrities in the entertainment circle are really pure? Its better to be with me than with countless men. Whatever they can give you, I can give you twice the amount!"

Lin Wanwans hands started to itch again.

Just when she had decided to disregard everything and just give this a*shole a good beating, a wonderful idea suddenly appeared in her mind.


Jin Yuan looked at her doubtful gaze and a smile finally reappeared on his face.

"I wont play any woman for nothing."

Lin Wanwan thought for a while before stretching out a hand. "Give me your mobile. Ill save my number. Contact me at night. Its not convenient to talk about these things now."

Jin Yuan placed his mobile in her hand.

As Lin Wanwan operated his mobile, she said casually, "I can use unscrupulous tactics to climb up to the top. However, I have a principle. I dont get involved with married men. Since you insist, I wont act unaffected. I just want to ask you this: if Lin Qingxi finds out about our relationship, what should we do?"

"I wont let her find out."

Lin Wanwan switched to another question. "You also know that Lin Qingxi and I bear a grudge against each other. What if both of us are vying for a role in the future? Whose side will you be on?"

Jin Yuan smiled playfully. "Youre starting to bargain with me even before following me?"

"Some things should naturally be made clear from the beginning."

She curved her lips and half-laughed. She looked uninhibited, like a wild and difficult horse, and immediately ignited Jin Yuans desire to conquer her.

He reached out and tried to hug this woman. "As long as you serve me well, of course I will be on your side."

Lin Wanwan tilted to the side and avoided his action. Her slender fingers were on his chest, and she smiled extremely seductively.

"It looks like Im quite charming for CEO Jin to cast aside his childhood sweetheart and fiance and persist in seducing me to his bed."

Jin Yuan was dazzled by this smile.

Lin Qingxi was pretty but a little childish. When she smiled, she seemed calculative.

Lin Wanwan was like a thorny rose tender, majestic, and mysterious. No one could forget her after just one look.

"If youre even more charming, I might even be willing to die on your bed"

Jin Yuan looked at her seductive red lips and could no longer hold back. He lowered his head and wanted to kiss her.

Lin Wanwan retreated and smiled at him.

Jin Yuan narrowed his eyes. "Trying to let me off first in order to catch me later?"

Lin Wanwan raised his mobile and said softly to the receiver, "Lin Qingxi, take a look. This is the fianc who loves you so deeply. He can first express his love passionately for you, then climb onto another womans bed after that. If it wasnt for me, when would you have been able to recognize his true colors? No need to thank me."

As she said this, she unmuted the mobile.

"Jin Yuan, you a*shole. I hate you!!!"

Lin Qingxis loud roar almost made Lin Wanwans eardrum burst. She stuffed the mobile back into Jin Yuans hands and ignored his sinister expression. She waved her hands, in a good mood.