Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127 I Have Plenty Of Women. Who Are You?

"Youre worse than Lin Qingxi. I hope you have fun tearing apart each other tonight."

This dog-eat-dog situation was delightful.

It was only when they were busy that the two of them would not find any trouble for her.

"Lin Wanwan, youre ruthless enough."

Jin Yuans faint voice could be heard from behind her. Lin Wanwan knew that he must be feeling extremely angry now. Not only was she not afraid, she even threw him a look of disdain.

"Dont you know Im a man-eating night-blooming cereus? If you dont drop the idea, Ill let you experience something more ruthless than this."

Jin Yuan watched as her figure disappeared, and his smile was chilling to the bones.

Once Lin Wanwan returned to the dressing room, she received Lin Qingxis sinister gaze.

"Wanwan, where did you go just now?"

"I went to the washroom."

Lin Wanwan felt that Lin Qingxis gaze was always following her, as if she would pounce over and swallow her whole anytime. She sighed and said, "I bumped into a dog at the washroom just now. That male dog was dissatisfied with its female companion and kept pestering me. Its really irritating."

Lin Qingxis eyes were so red that they could bleed any time soon. The rest of them looked confused.

Since when was there a dog in the production studio?

"Xiao Cai, put on my makeup quickly. Its going to be my turn soon."


Lin Wanwan yawned and closed her eyes lazily to rest. Her satisfied look pierced Lin Qingxis eyes.

She clenched her fists until they creaked, and she couldnt wait to rush over and destroy Lin Wanwans face.

Lin Wanwan knew that she didnt dare to.

She didnt dare to ruin her image and didnt dare to say anything about Jin Yuan trying to seduce her. Otherwise, everyone would know that she, Lin Qingxi, lost to Lin Wanwan. How would she continue boasting in the future?

Lin Qingxi was filled with a lot of hatred. However, she had no choice but to tolerate it.

She walked out of the dressing room with a somber expression and planned to find a place to calm down.

She couldnt mess up. What was most important now was for her to cut her losses.

It was just that she would definitely not let Lin Wanwan off!

At this moment, she heard a soft voice from the utility room opposite her. The conversation mentioned Lin Wanwan.

Lin Qingxi was moved. She removed her high heels and leaned over quietly.

"Ms. Wei, as long as I give Lin Wanwan a small lesson, youll give me one million dollars? Is this true? Are you sure?"

"Ok, ok, ok. Ill arrange the person you sent over to be an assistant and join the production team."

"Then its settled!"

Lin Qingxi immediately flashed to the side. She looked at the assistant director, who was wearing a thick vest, as he surveyed his surroundings before leaving carefully.

The ball of fire containing Lin Qingxis accumulated anger was finally extinguished.

"I see."

It looked like that Wei Wanwan wanted to deal with Lin Wanwan.

Should she add oil to the fire?

Lin Qingxi thought of the conflict between Wei Wanwan and Lin Wanwan and felt that even if she didnt do anything, the lesson Wei Wanwan prepared this time around would be by no means small!

It was fine for her to just watch the show with peace of mind.

Lin Wanwan went to Jin Tong Que after taking some leisure time off. She asked for a reserved room and waited quietly.

Not too long later, Shen Zhiyis voice sounded from outside the room. "Peach-shaped eyes, why are you here?"

Lin Wanwan pulled open the door. "I asked him over. Come in quickly."

Shen Zhiyi was still dressed as a man. Her white suit made her look like a beautiful youth who had just walked out from the comics.

Tang Chen went to the company today for a meeting and was dressed more formally. His black handmade suit made him look less casual and more abstinent.

However, it was a pity that as soon as he spoke, his image was immediately destroyed.

"Ms. Shen, you actually wore a couple outfit with me. Do you fancy me?"

"Pooh! I have plenty of women. Who are you?!"