Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128 : Ill Help You

"Stop arguing. Take a seat quickly!"

Lin Wanwan interrupted the two. After they sat down, she told Tang Chen about Shen Yu and shared Lu Zhanbeis suggestion with them.

Upon hearing this, Tang Chen chuckled.

"Lin Wanwan, Im not part of the neighborhood committee or the police. I cant care about trivial matters and I dont want to care about them. Go and tell Lu Zhanbei that if he wants to take revenge, please use a wiser method."

Shen Zhiyi added, "Exactly. He knows only how to eat, drink, and make merry with women, which is the same as my brother. What help can he be?"

Tang Chen ignored her and smiled at Lin Wanwan. "However, if youre willing to give me some benefits, Ill help you."

"What kind of benefits?"

"Have sex or kiss."

"Ill choose the kiss."

Lin Wanwans straightforwardness caused a trace of doubt to flash past Tang Chens eyes. However, he wasnt a fool to refuse this kind of welfare. He was about to lean his face in when he heard her say with laughter, "I remember you owe Sister Zhiyi a kiss. Kiss her first. I dont kiss people who fail to live up to their promises."

"" Young Tangs smiling face froze.

Shen Zhiyi moved her eyes and raised her handsome face. She tapped her lips with her finger. "Here, kiss here."

"Go and play by the side." Tang Chen rubbed his temples. "Ill help you."

Lin Wanwan curved her lips smugly. However, Shen Zhiyi was unhappy. "I dont need your help. Ill resolve the Shen family matters internally."

Her kiss wasnt meant to be sold.

"Sister Zhiyi"

Tang Chens mobile ringtone interrupted Lin Wanwans words. After he picked up the call, his expression quickly became subtle and he looked at Shen Zhiyi. "Ms. Shen, it looks like I have to interfere in the Shen familys matters."

"What do you mean?"

Tang Chen waved his mobile. "The person-in-charge of my casino just told me that Shen Yu brought his group of younger brothers over to gamble. He lost all of his gambling money, which was ten million dollars. He wasnt willing to take this lying down and wanted to kick up a fuss. My men are holding him in custody now."


Comparing self-control, Shen Zhiyi was not worse off compared to Lu Zhanbei.

However, at this moment, her face turned extremely cold.

"Whats the address of the casino?"

Tang Chen reported the address and asked, "Are you going to place righteousness above family loyalty?"

Shen Zhiyi walked out directly. Lin Wanwan quickly poked Tang Chen. "Hurry up and take a look as well. If Sister Zhiyi smashes your casino and frightens all your guests, wont your profits be affected?"

Tang Chen appreciated her thoughts. However, what she said was correct.


After eating two pieces of dessert, Lin Wanwan returned to the production studio.

Once she appeared, Yue Xiang called her over.

"Wanwan, I remember youve filmed a car accident scene before, right? How did you film it back then? Can you share more with me?"

Lin Wanwan understood what he meant.

Filming car accident scenes was dangerous. Some female celebrities would attach themselves to the safety ropes for safety. Some went more overboard. They pretended to be knocked down when the car was driving leisurely and was few meters away from them. The finished product could hardly be seen.

"Director Yue, I have the appropriate skills and Im not particular about safety distance. You can film it however you like."

Yue Xiang nodded in satisfaction.

Even if he was a special director from the TV headquarters and every actor and actress who worked with him always listened to him, it was definitely rare to see someone as professional as Lin Wanwan.

"Ok, go and get ready, then. Ill inform you again once Ive made the arrangements."


Lin Wanwan changed her clothes and sat in the dressing room to memorize her lines.

An indeterminate time later, Lin Qingxi entered.