Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Lin Wanwan Avoid It Quickly

The way she looked at Lin Wanwan was as if she had hidden a poisonous snake, and her eyes were flashing with excitement and cold luster.

Liu Zilin walked in with a lunch box, and the smile on her face was getting brighter each day.

"Wanwan, Im here to deliver your lunch and tell you your schedule for the next few days."

"Put it down first. Ill eat it after filming this scene."


Liu Zilin chatted with her about the studio operations. "There are a lot of small-time celebrities who just debuted and students from the film academy who want to join our studio. However, its a pity that Si Han didnt want any of them."

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Quality before quantity."

Liu Zilin nodded in agreement.

At this moment, the assistant director shouted, "Wanwan, its your turn to get ready!"


Lin Wanwan put down her script and adjusted her clothes in front of the mirror. She headed outside, bumped into Lin Qingxi at the door, and saw her smiling to her.

"Go for it."

Lin Wanwan narrowed her eyes. "Thanks."

Yue Xiang called Lin Wanwan and a male supporting actor over to talk about the scene.

"Jiang Zhe, dont drive the car too fast. Well do some post-production editing later. Wanwan, you have to grasp the time and angle well. Once the head of the car touches your body, pretend to have been knocked down immediately. Be careful. Its ok even if we have more NGs."

This was the first time Lin Wanwan heard Yue Xiang saying that there could be more NGs. She smiled and nodded.

"Lets start."

Lin Wanwan stood at the number one camera position and started to run.

She ran very quickly and looked calm. However, her slightly trembling fingertips and tightly constricted pupils revealed the fear she was feeling.

The details determined ones acting.

There was a satisfied smile on Yue Xiangs face. He waved his hand and signaled Jiang Zhe to make an appearance.

Jiang Zhe got into that antique car and ignited the engine.

The car drove faster and faster toward Lin Wanwan.

Yue Xiang commanded a few moving cameras to try to film every single scene.

Lin Qingxi, who was standing by the side, looked at the car that was chasing Lin Wanwan. She couldnt help but smile.

This smile was very sweet and didnt carry with it any form of attack. However, that smile made Liu Zilin break out in a cold sweat, and the alarm in her heart rang.

She might not be too clever, but she could differentiate between kindness and malicious intent.

Liu Zilin glanced forward and the anxiety in her heart grew stronger.


"Stay quiet."

Yue Xiang waved his hands in irritation and was busy controlling the situation.

At this time, the antique car was only a few tens of meters away from Lin Wanwan and was increasingly gaining speed.

Liu Zilin didnt know if Yue Xiang and Lin Wanwan had discussed this beforehand and could only remind subtly, "Director, isnt this car driving a little too fast? If Wanwan cant avoid it"

Yue Xiang was stunned and took a closer look.

The speed of this car was more than double of what he expected.

What was wrong with that Jiang Zhe?

He picked up the horn by his side and shouted loudly, "Cut!"

The car didnt stop and was less than ten meters away from Lin Wanwan.

"Jiang Zhe, I asked you to stop. Do you hear me?!"

Yue Xiang shouted angrily, but the car was speeding faster and faster. Through the glass door, he saw Jiang Zhes panicked expression and finally realized something was amiss.

"Lin Wanwan! There seems to be something wrong with the car! Avoid it quickly!"

At this moment, the head of the car was only one meter away from Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan was about to avoid it when a figure pounced over suddenly.

Liu Zilin pounced forward and pushed Lin Wanwan out of the hit range. However, her own legs were exposed under the wheels.