Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Seduction From A Nasty Man

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“Wanwan, I prepared this for you, it helps to boost your energy.” He left the coffee on the table and left without another word.

What the hell? Is he actually hitting on me?

Lin Wanwan wasn’t the only one that thought that way. The makeup artist came to join the gossip. “Does Chu Yang like you?”

Lin Wanwan looked confused. “Like? Just like how Uncle An likes me?”

“” Meeting her innocent eyes, the makeup artist smiled awkwardly. She realized she must have been crazy to discuss about love with a girl like Lin Wanwan.

Although Lin Wanwan acted like she had no idea what love is, Chu Yang still behaved like a gallant, always buying food and gifts for her.

Lin Wanwan rejected him every single time, but that didn’t stop the rumors from spreading. Soon, almost the entire crew confirmed that Chu Yang was hitting on her.

Lin Wanwan was annoyed as hell. Luckily for her, An Qiao took control of the situation, so no one dared to bring the rumors out of the studio.

“Wanwan, we are ending early today. Want to go out and grab a meal?”

The way Chu Yang looked at her made her hair stand on end. She quickly pulled out her shy side and said, “Not today. My finals are coming soon, and I have to go back to school to revise for it.”

“Alright, next time then.”

Chu Yang sighed in disappointment. He wanted to pat Lin Wanwan’s head, but she swiftly dodged it.

“Chu Yang, I’m not a kid anymore. Bye-bye!”

Her grin was cute and refreshing, pulling strings in Chu Yang’s heart.

Only after Lin Wanwan disappeared from his sight did Chu Yang get back to himself. He turned and met a pair of cold eyes.

Getting the shock of his life, he asked while trying to look calm, “Why are you here?”

Hai Lan gave him a heartless laugh. “Of course you didn’t realize I’m here! You were busy staring at her.”

Chu Yang quickly wrapped his arm around her waist. Tapping her nose with his fingertip, he said, “You can’t be jealous, right? How would Lin Wanwan believe me if I don’t put some effort into my acting? Do you think I would hit on her if it weren’t for you? Didn’t you hear the crew mocking me for liking an idiot? I am doing this for your sake. It hurts me when you accuse me like this.”

His words softened Hai Lan’s expression. She leaned closer to him. “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have doubted you. Chu Yang, do it as soon as you have the chance. It hurts me to see you guys so close to each other; I’m worried that you will fall for her.”

“Fall for her? She doesn’t deserve me. Don’t worry, Lan. It won’t be long.”


Hai Lan closed her eyes and waited for her lover’s kiss.

Chu Yang came closer. The moment his lips landed on hers, Lin Wanwan’s alluring smile appeared in his mind.

Back at the school, Lin Wanwan started her revision.

Liu Zilin walked past her desk and glanced at the books she was reading. After contemplating for a second, she couldn’t hold herself back and mocked, “Lin Wanwan, even if last minute revision works, it only works for normal people. For you, you can only be the last in the cohort no matter how hard you try!”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. Liu Zilin had never won an argument against her. Why doesn’t this girl learn her lesson already?

“Liu Zilin, do you have the guts to have a bet with me?”

“What?” Liu Zilin put on her guard.

Lin Wanwan blinked her eyes at her, and she looked innocent like a puppy. “I believe that I’ll be rewarded for my hard work. I’ll definitely do well this time!”

Liu Zilin snorted at her words. “I don’t want to degrade you, as long as you can pass every subject, I’ll take the loss! You doing well? Fat chance!”