Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130 The Critical Moment


The wheels were pressed against her calves and she let out screams of pain.

Time was hanging by a thread. Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered to climb up. She held on to Liu Zilins shoulders and dragged her over, preventing her legs from being pressed again.

With a whiz, the car zoomed past them.

All of these happened in a split second.

Everyone was stunned.

Jiang Zhe was trapped inside the car. The steering wheel and brakes werent working, and the car door was locked.

He tried everything he could to get out but couldnt. He watched as the car dashed around madly, knocking into the rubbish bin, the cameras once it hit the wall, he would most probably die!

"What should we do?"

"Hurry up and call the police!"

"Are you crazy? What use is it to call the police?"

Everyone was panic-stricken. Even Yue Xiang didnt have any idea and he looked defeated.

He was done for

If someone in the production team died, they didnt need to continue filming this drama.

In a moment of desperation, everyone suddenly saw a lightning-like figure chasing after the car.

Lin Wanwan exceeded her limits and caught up with that antique car. She propped a hand on the lid of the trunk and jumped up quickly. Her every move was like a scene in a martial arts film, and they were so fast that everyone was dazzled.

Lin Wanwan climbed up to the car roof and fixed her body to it.

The wind was strong and her hair was flying messily.

She raised her arm and used the machine repair tool she had grabbed while running over to knock on the glass heavily.


The glass shattered and cobweb-like veins could be seen.

At this moment, the car was about to hit the wall.

Everyone witnessing this was feeling anxious and panicky. If Lin Wanwan died as well, things would turn upside down!

Only Lin Qingxi had an expectant glow in her eyes.

Jiang Zhe was afraid, but mostly, he was feeling touched. He gritted his teeth and shouted, "Lin Wanwan, go away quickly. Dont worry about me!"

Lin Wanwan turned a deaf ear to all the noise.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The glass finally broke after she hit it three times in a row.

"Give me your hand!"

Lin Wanwan stretched her hand in and Jiang Zhe grabbed it. She used force and pulled him out.

Both of them fell heavily to the ground.

The head of the car hit the wall with a loud muffled noise.

Lin Wanwan ignored the pain in her body. She pulled Jiang Zhe and ran.


After theyd been running for a short distance, an explosion sound rang and a tumbling heatwave struck. Lin Wanwan kicked Jiang Zhes buttocks and pushed him out several meters away. However, she was hit by this tumbling heatwave and her back burned.

"Wanwan!" Everyone ran toward her.

Lin Wanwan stood up, as if unscathed. She carried the unconscious Liu Zilin up.

"Director Yue, call the police immediately!"

All of these happened too quickly, and Yue Xiang was still feeling confused.

"Call the police?"

Lin Wanwans sharp gaze fell on Lin Qingxi, and the latter subconsciously shivered. "If we do not call the police, are we just going to let this matter go? Its obvious this is an attempted murder case. Someone tampered with the car and wanted to kill me and Jiang Zhe!"

Yue Xiang was a little hesitant.

If there was a scandal in this drama, they would lose some members of the audience.

Lin Wanwan ignored his thoughts and said resolutely, "No one is to leave the production studio today. We must find out who this murderer is!"

Lin Wanwan had not felt so angry in a long time.

She was the kind whod rather carry the burden herself than to let the people around her get hurt.

After saving Lin Wanwan, it was unknown if Liu Zilin could still keep her legs. The murderer had to pay the price!