Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 The Woman I Held In My Hands Was Injured

Lin Wanwans tone made a number of people feel unhappy. However, when they saw that the clothes on her back was tattered and a large piece of skin mixed with flesh and blood was exposed, they immediately nodded.

Thinking about it in her shoes, if they were Lin Wanwan, they would definitely be even more angered.

Lin Wanwan carried Liu Zilin up the car and left.

"Call 110 quickly. Oh right, call the fire brigade over as well. If not, the fire will burn this place down."

"Wanwan was so handsome saving him just now! Director Yue, if you film a martial arts movie in the future, you can let Lin Wanwan be the female lead again. I guarantee you it would be a big hit!"

"Everyone, stop arguing. Put out the fire quickly!

It was such a huge commotion. Even if the filming venue was in a secluded area, it still attracted some peoples attention.

People from the fire brigade and police rushed over quickly. They extinguished the fire and took notes, sharing out the work and cooperating with one another.

From afar, Lu Zhanbei saw that the production team was surrounded closely by a group of people.

He had passed by here and initially wanted to drive Lin Wanwan back since it was on the way.

"Gu Mo, go and ask about the situation."

Gu Mo responded and got off the car to inquire more from a passerby. After he finished asking, he came back in a hurry and said, "Sir, theres been a car accident."

Lu Zhanbei looked nervous, and he dug out his mobile immediately to call Lin Wanwan.

Thankfully, the call was connected.

"Lu Zhanbei, Im in the city hospital."

Lu Zhanbei hung up the call and ordered, "Go to the city hospital immediately."


Half an hour later, Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door to the ward and saw Lin Wanwans back, which was mixed with flesh and blood. A nurse was using a tweezer to remove the metal fragments that had penetrated the skin.

His eyes immediately became as cold as ice.

Sensing a murderous look, the nurse turned her head back instinctively and met his cold eyes. Although she was frightened, she bravely used her body to block Lin Wanwans naked back. She mustered up the courage and lectured him, "Mister, Im treating the patients wound. Can you go out for a while?"

"Get out!"

The nurse nodded in a daze. "Yes, you go out."


Lin Wanwan was amused by this naturally dazed nurse. "Nurse, we know each other."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her and repeated, "Get out!"

"Whos going out?"

"" Lu Zhanbei finally looked at her in the eye, his gaze scarily cold.

Even if the nurse was a fool, she understood it now. "But Im not done with my work yet"

Lin Wanwan threw her a look. "Go out first. Ill call you again later."

"Ok." The nurse fled.

Lu Zhanbei sat down silently and picked up the disinfected tweezer.

"Turn around."

Lin Wanwan understood what he meant. She was about to question if he could do this. However, when she met his cold eyes, her neck shrank and she said weakly, "Be gentler."

Lu Zhanbei used a tweezer to pinch out a small sharp piece and his eyes rolled into a dangerous storm.

"Ah, how painful!" Lin Wanwans body shivered and her tears were about to fall.

"Serves you right."

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and didnt say anything.


A tear fell, staining the bedsheet.

Lu Zhanbei panicked. He couldnt be bothered to be difficult with her and stroked her body lightly. Seeing that she lowered her head and that her tears were falling like beads on loose thread, his heart tightened.

"The woman I hold in my hands is injured but Im not crying. Why are you crying?"

Lin Wanwan didnt say anything, and her tears kept falling.

Such silent crying was agonizing.