Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 Dote On Me And Pamper Me

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his lips tightly and sighed in compromise. "Im in the wrong."


"I shouldnt be fierce toward you, I shouldnt"

Without waiting for Lu Zhanbei to finish his reflection, Lin Wanwan hugged him fiercely and buried her face in his chest. "I should be the one to apologize. I know youre worried about me, but Lu Zhanbei, I have these damned morals. I cant watch a human die right in front of me."

It used to be that way in the past. It was still the same now.

Lu Zhanbei touched her head. "I know."

What he loved was her passion and vividness.

After hed seen so much coldness and blood, she was like a ray of sunlight that shone into his heart. With her around, he didnt feel the darkness and loneliness.

"Be more careful in the future."

No matter how much he said, it was useless if this woman didnt listen to them.

"I will. We havent gotten married yet and Lu Chi and Lu Cha are not born yet. I cant bear to die."

Lu Zhanbei smiled. It was so gentle that it was as if the sunlight had broken through the dark clouds.

It was just that the way he spoke was creepy. "Yes, if you play with fire again and die from it in the future, someone will sleep with your husband and hit your son and daughter. The one who will be buried together with me wont be you either."

"" Lin Wanwan knew that justice was not on her side and didnt dare to retaliate. She had her back face him again. "Continue."

Lu Zhanbei continued to treat her wound.

"Its so painful! Lu Zhanbei, is your hand the same as that of a pigs trotter? Why cant you understand what gentleness means? If I had known earlier, I would have gotten the nurse to apply medicine for me instead!"

Lu Zhanbei laughed.

She was clearly waiting for the opportunity to take revenge.

"I saw how the way she treated your wound earlier wasnt any gentler either. Why didnt you feel pained then?"

Lin Wanwan mumbled, "How is that the same? Shes an outsider. No matter how much Im hurting, she wont feel heartache for me. Of course I have to bear with it. Youre my future husband. I dont have to tolerate it and I dont want to tolerate it. You should dote on me and pamper me."

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei became silent.

After a long while, he responded with an "Ok."

Lu Zhanbei asked Lin Wanwan to remove her clothes when it was time to change the gauze. She twisted unwillingly. "What if you become lecherous again?"

Lu Zhanbei was angered, and he lifted his hand to slap her buttocks.

"Remove them quickly!"

Lu Zhanbei initially thought that his mind would be settled. However, after Lin Wanwan removed her clothes, his Adams apple still moved subconsciously twice.

After having her gauze changed, Lin Wanwan lay on the bed face-down.

"Will I have a scar on my back?"

"Are you worried only now?"

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly. "Im just worried that you will use this as an excuse to despise me."

Lu Zhanbei looked enlightened. "Why didnt I think of this good idea?"

Lin Wanwan was shocked at first. Then, she started to fake cry. "You have no conscience. Now that you have slept with me, youve started to despise me. You heartless man"

Lu Zhanbei smiled leisurely. "Continue. Ill listen."

Lin Wanwan felt that there was no meaning to this and rolled her eyes at him while lying to the side.

"Tell me."

"What about?"

"What happened."

Lin Wanwan told him what had happened concisely. "I feel that Lin Qingxi did this."

Before Lu Zhanbei came over, he had already gotten Gu Mo to check on this. "We will find out soon."

"I dont know how Zilin is now as well."

The doctor said earlier that Liu Zilins injuries werent too serious. At the very least, she kept both her legs. However, it was unknown how long it would take for her to recover.

Not too long later, Gu Mo arrived.

"Sir, Ive checked."