Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Amitabha

"Tell me."

"Its Wei Wanwan."

Gu Mo reported, "The assistant director of Fiery Rose borrowed money from loansharks previously. He couldnt repay it and got hooked by Wei Wanwans bait. He thought that as long as he helped Wei Wanwan give Ms. Lin a lesson, he could receive one million dollars. Who knew that Wei Wanwan actually wanted to play Ms. Lin to her death?"

Lin Wanwan didnt expect that she had miscalculated this time around. "Lin Qingxi wasnt involved?"


Lin Wanwan responded, "Oh. Are all the evidence ready?"

"Everythings settled. The police can arrest them anytime."

Out of nowhere, Lu Zhanbei said, "Ill go there personally."

Upon them hearing this, not only was Gu Mo shocked, but even Lin Wanwan looked at him as if she had discovered the New World.

"Lu Zhanbei, your knife skills are almost rusty but youre actually willing to make a move again because of a rat? Is your brain alright?"

"Its interesting only when you use a rusty knife to kill someone."

"" Gu Mo sighed. The general was definitely furious because of the beauty.

If he had left Lin Wanwan to deal with Wei Wanwan, perhaps Wei Wanwan might still have had a chance of living.

However, Sir was attending to it personally


Half an hour later, Liu Zilin was pushed out of the operating room. She opened her eyes and looked into Lin Wanwans concerned eyes.

A relieved smile appeared on her pale face. "Thank goodness youre alright"

Lin Wanwans eyes turned red and she held her hand. "Yes. If not for you, I dont even know if Ill be dead or alive. So from today onward, you no longer owe me. I owe you. If you encounter such things in the future, dont be so silly as to help me, ok?"

She didnt want to tell Liu Zilin that she could actually have avoided it by herself. She further hoped that Liu Zilin would be more relieved through this incident.

Liu Zilin didnt nod or shake her head. She just smiled at her.

"Rest well. Ill come and see you again tomorrow."


Lin Wanwan asked the doctor about Liu Zilins situation. She learned that both her legs had serious bone fractures. Even after she recovered, her ability to walk would be impacted.

Lu Zhanbei saw that Lin Wanwan kept frowning and immediately reminded, "Have you forgotten that Shen Zhiyi is the new and powerful representative in the orthopedics world?"

For his future wife, Mr. Lu didnt hesitate to lie.

"Oh right!"

At the same time, in the Wei family.

Wei Wanwan had long learned that the plan had failed. She was so angry that she smashed a few expensive chinawares. After that, she calmed down a little.

After she recovered herself, Wei Wanwan thought of that assistant director in the production team and hurriedly called him. She wanted him to run away seeing that it was still early.

It was a pity that his mobile was always in a state of being unreachable.


She thought of how the assistant director might already be in the hands of the police now. If he said that he had colluded with her

Wei Wanwans body trembled and she immediately called Feng Xiaowei.

"Sister Xiaowei, you have to help me. This was your idea as well. Now that the plan failed, you have to take responsibility as well!"

These words were half-pleading, half-threatening.

"Wanwan, for now, dont be anxious"

Knock, knock, knock!

Wei Wanwan was so shocked at the knocking sound from the door that she sprang upright and shouted, "Whos there?"

"Miss, your friends here to visit you. Old Master and Madam would like you to go downstairs immediately."

"Which friend?"

"I dont know either."

"Ill head down immediately!"

Wei Wanwan repeatedly asked Feng Xiaowei to think of a solution for her. Then, she adjusted her image and walked out like a lady.

However, as soon as she reached the stairs, the smile on her face broke. She opened her mouth and started scolding, "Lin Wanwan, you slut. Why are you at my house? Get lost now. I dont want to see you!"