Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 There Were Idiots Everywhere. This One Was Especially Idiotic

Madam Wei was startled by her shrew-like appearance and scolded, "Wanwan, where have all your manners gone to? Is there anyone who speaks the way you do to a guest?"

"Mother, this slut is the one I talked to you about back then, the Lin Wanwan who always works against me! If not for her, I wouldnt be infamous, and I wouldnt have been forced to leave the entertainment circle. Shes a scheming bitch and a woman of loose morals!"

Upon her hearing this, Madam Weis face changed.

"Ms. Lin, if you didnt lie that you were Wanwans friend, I would definitely not have let someone like you enter. Get lost from the Wei family home now!"

Lin Wanwan sat on the sofa and sipped tea leisurely.

"Dont worry. After Im done, I wont stay for a second longer."

Wei Wanwan stomped down the stairs. She raised her hand and wanted to give Lin Wanwan a slap, but Lin Wanwan clasped her wrist easily.

"Lin Wanwan, let go of me!"

Lin Wanwan placed Wei Wanwans hands behind her back and said in a cool tone, "Wei Wanwan, do you know why Im here?"

"I dont know and I dont want to know. Let go of me. Mother! Get someone to help me quickly!"

Madam Wei recovered herself and was about to call the servants over when Lin Wanwans next sentence shocked her again.

"You colluded with the assistant director, Xia Ruhai, tampered with the car prop, and wanted to cause my death. How conceited were you to think that this plan was seamless?"

Wei Wanwans face turned pale. "I didnt! Lin Wanwan, youre slandering me. Be careful. Ill sue you in court!"

Lin Wanwan hated to be entangled with such stubborn people. "Wei Wanwan, Ill give you one last chance. If you leave with me now and honestly accept the punishment you deserve, we can let this matter go. Otherwise"

If she could withstand Lu Zhanbei, she would grant her her wish.

"Im not going!"

Wei Wanwan was feeling guilty and scared. She couldnt help but ask for help from Madam Wei.

"Mother, Lin Wanwans slandering me. I didnt do anything illegal. Quickly get someone to kick her out!"

"Come here!"

More than ten servants rushed toward Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan let go of Wei Wanwan and took a few steps back. She raised both arms.

This gesture of surrender made Wei Wanwan laugh coldly. She leaned into her ears and whispered in a low tone:

"Lin Wanwan, youre right. I do want to kill you. Too bad that you dont have any evidence. Dont think that I will admit to it just because of your little scare. Its really a pity to not have run you over. However, dont worry. As long as Im alive, I wont let you lead a good life!"

Lin Wanwan looked at her pityingly.

There were idiots everywhere. This one was especially idiotic.

On account that they had the same name, she had initially wanted to show mercy. However, it seemed that one couldnt stop a person who wanted to die from dying.

Lin Wanwans gaze angered Wei Wanwan and she shouted ferociously, "Everyone! Throw Lin Wanwan out. No, teach her a lesson before throwing her out! My residence isnt a place where she can casually come and go!"

Clap, clap, clap.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan clapped thrice.

As the claps sounded, a commotion could be heard from outside.

"Who are you? This is the Wei family home. You cant barge in"

Over ten men in suits walked in without saying anything. The leader of the pack lifted Wei Wanwan up, as if holding on to a brat.

The servants from the Wei family wanted to stop them but didnt have the courage to do so.


At this moment, a majestic voice could be heard from the stairs. Wei Wanwans father looked pale.