Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Im Willing To Trade A Secret For My Life

"Ive heard the conversation just now. Without any evidence, on what basis are you bringing my daughter away? Let her go quickly. Otherwise, dont blame me for being nasty!"

"Being nasty?"

An elegant male voice sounded. Lu Zhanbei walked over slowly, and the sunlight caused his body to look like it was radiating gold. He looked noble and calm.

"A lot of people love saying this to me. However, its a pity no one can actually do that."

"Lu Lu"

Wei Wanwans father seemed to be very shocked to see him. His temperament became something like a deflated balloon.

He looked at Lu Zhanbei, then at Lin Wanwan. How would the smart him not understand the situation at hand?

"Even if Wanwan did something wrong, she should be interrogated by the police first then be judged after. Arent you going a little overboard? Xia country is a country thats particular about laws."

Lin Wanwan found his changed attitude funny.

Power was indeed scary.

Lu Zhanbei nodded. "Youre right."

Wei Wanwans father felt relieved.

As long as Lu Zhanbei didnt interfere in this directly, even if Wei Wanwan was the murderer, he could still help her out.

Suddenly, Lu Zhanbei changed the topic. "However, on what basis should I do that? I, Lu Zhanbei, am rich and powerful. As long as Im willing, even if your daughter isnt the murderer, I can make her out to be one. Tell me, on what basis should I talk to you about the law?"

As if he had guessed what Wei Wanwans father was thinking of, Lu Zhanbeis words had dashed his hopes.

Wei Wanwans father had a cracked expression. He had never seen such a shameless and brazen person before!

However, thinking about it it did make sense.

Lu Zhanbei waved his hand. "Bring her away!"

Wei Wanwan, who thought that she could escape from this disaster by relying on her father, was picked up once again. She struggled desperately and cried and kicked up a fuss like a madwoman.

"Father, Mother, Im your only daughter. Save me. I dont want to go to jail!"


Madam Wei wanted to stop them but didnt dare to. She could only look to Lu Zhanbei for help. "I beg you, let Wanwan go. Shes young and ignorant. Im willing to apologize to you on her behalf."

"She didnt do anything to me to be sorry for."

Madam Wei was stunned and looked at Lin Wanwan.

"Ms. Lin"

Lin Wanwan interrupted her. "If youre willing to go to jail on her behalf, I can let her go."

Madam Weis face turned pale.

"Mother, save me. Save me"

Although Wei Wanwan didnt know Lu Zhanbei, she knew that this was a bigshot whom the Wei family couldnt afford to offend.

Lin Wanwans words gave her a trace of hope.

Upon her hearing this, Madam Weis heart dropped into an ice hole.

She had given birth to this daughter after ten months of pregnancy. However, she completely didnt care about her life or death

At this moment, Wei Wanwans father sighed tiredly. "Mr. Lu, bring her away. Well pretend that we didnt give birth to this daughter."


Wei Wanwan yelled in disbelief. Seeing that her father had turned his head away and her mother was looking at her coldly, she knew that her parents wouldnt be involved in helping her.

Once a move was wrong, every move would be wrong!

Regret, anger, resentment these emotions grew madly like vines in Wei Wanwans heart.

She clenched her fists and looked up fiercely. Her eyes were bloodshot as she said, "Lin Wanwan, Im willing to trade a secret for my life. Is that ok?"

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. "Ok."

To live in pain was at least to live.

"Actually, the mastermind behind this"

"Aunt, Uncle!"

Along with the sound of high heels clicking against the ground, a rapid female voice traveled over.