Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 Shedding Crocodile Tears

Everyone in the room subconsciously turned their heads and saw Feng Xiaowei hurrying in.

Even though she looked tense, she still looked like an international daughter from a prestigious family.

"Xiaowei, why are you here?"

Wei Wanwans father was shocked. He was not in any mood to host her.

"Something happened at home. I cant let you stay here today. Ill apologize to you again another day."

Feng Xiaowei didnt look at Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei. "Uncle, I just want to tell you that I dont know why, but my father suddenly decided to cancel the cooperation with the Wei family."

Wei Wanwans father was shocked. "What?!"

Without the Feng familys support, the Wei family business would soon become a second-rate enterprise.

Feng Xiaowei sighed. "Dont worry. Ill call my father and persuade him to reconsider. Were relatives, and I would definitely not ignore the Wei family."

Lin Wanwan saw gratitude and ease on Wei Wanwans fathers face and couldnt help but laugh.

She understood Feng Xiaoweis intention for coming here.

Feng Xiaowei looked at Lu Zhanbei sincerely. "CEO Lu, Ive also heard about Ms. Lins car accident. Since youre here, I believe the culprit is Wanwan. I dont know why she did that, but on account that we are cousins, can you let me speak to her for a while?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her, and his meaningful gaze made Feng Xiaoweis heart tremble.


Feng Xiaowei walked over and approached Wei Wanwan. She squatted down slowly.

Wei Wanwan was sitting on the ground in a sorry state. She looked at Feng Xiaowei like she was grabbing at the last hope for survival while she was drowning.

"Sister Xiaowei, you must help me"

Before Wei Wanwan could tell the truth, Feng Xiaowei interrupted her. She looked hurt, but her eyes were as cold as poisoned knives.

"Wanwan, its ok to commit something wrong as long as you know how to correct it. Although you tried to intentionally murder someone this time around, thankfully, you didnt succeed. I believe in the justice of the court. As long as you reflect and change yourself in jail, you can come out after a few years."

"Whether its me or Uncle, we are your relatives. As long as were still alive, we wont leave you in the lurch. Dont worry and just go."

"" The last glimmer of light in Wei Wanwans eyes dissipated. From her defeated look, she seemed to be half-laughing, half-crying.

Lin Wanwan smiled playfully.

This was the difference between a stupid and a smart person. A stupid person could easily be led astray by others and wouldnt even know that he or she had become a knife in someone elses hand.

A smart person would leave himself a back route early on. Even if the matter was exposed, he or she could still live in a carefree manner.

Feng Xiaoweis words revealed two messages.

Number one, Wei Wanwan wouldnt die. There wasnt a need to exchange a secret for a chance to live.

Number two, as long as the connection between the Wei family and Feng Xiaowei stayed strong, her days in the prison wouldnt be too terrible. Otherwise, she would have a pitiful ending.

Feng Xiaoweis previous words had already revealed that she had the capability to suppress the Wei family.

Even after a long while, nobody said anything.

Wei Wanwan stood up and looked at Feng Xiaowei. Obvious hatred was hidden in her eyes.

At this moment, she finally understood that she was just a pawn to Feng Xiaowei. A pawn that could be discarded anytime.

"Lets go."

She walked out step by step, slowly and helplessly.

Wei Wanwans father and Madam Wei couldnt help but turn their heads away. There were tears in their eyes.

Feng Xiaowei secretly heaved a sigh of relief. On the surface, she looked sad and looked at Lu Zhanbei with pleading. "CEO Lu, Wanwan has already received the punishment she deserves. I hope this matter will end here, on account that I had worked for you for so many years in the past."