Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 To Give Someone A Dose Of Her Own Medicine 1

Lu Zhanbei pointed to his lips.

Lin Wanwan leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

Lu Zhanbei pointed to his waist.

Lin Wanwan didnt quite understand this. Did he want her to take the initiative to ride him?

Lin Wanwan had just removed her clothes when Lu Zhanbeis puzzled voice sounded.

"What do you want to do?"

Lin Wanwan looked at him purely and said, "You."

Lu Zhanbei held his forehead. "I just want you to remove my clothes. What are you thinking about in that head of yours all day? Even if Im desperate, I wont bully the wounded."

Lin Wanwan felt embarrassed. She hurriedly unbuckled his belt and removed his pants.

Lu Zhanbei said calmly, "Sit on me."

"I thought you dont bully the wounded?"

Lu Zhanbei touched her face lightly. "Yes, Im not bullying you. Im doting on you."

"" When it came to shamelessness, Lu Zhanbei was definitely ranked number one in Xia country!

Afer "accompanying him to sleep" once, Lin Wanwan learned about Lu Zhanbeis plan. Although she wanted to participate in it, she had a lot of things on hand these days. Thus, she gave up the thought.

After leaving the Wei family, Feng Xiaowei went to a fashion design studio under her own name.

High-quality womens clothing was produced here. Feng Xiaowei selected a few pieces and planned to give them to a few rich ladies. Through them, she hoped to make a better name for her brand.

The car was driving along a secluded road. As she drove, she thought about how to deal with Lin Wanwan.

At this moment, two high beams lit up from afar.

Feng Xiaowei frowned and turned the steering wheel, moving a distance to the side.

The car opposite her moved along as well.

This repeated twice or thrice. Both cars were still directly facing each other.

If this continued, they would definitely collide!

Even if Feng Xiaowei was a fool, she knew that the other party didnt have kind intentions. She was decisive and prepared to change directions.

However, the car opposite her was like an arrow released from a bow as it charged toward her. The speed made Feng Xiaowei turn the steering wheel instinctively and she avoided it.


The car hit a big tree on the roadside. Before she knew it, Feng Xiaoweis head was stuck in the airbag. The shadow of death shook her for a while.

She stayed mentally strong so that she wouldnt faint. However, the other party didnt intend to do anything else and drove the car away.

Feng Xiaowei forced herself to calm down and called the bodyguard.

Half an hour later, she reached home.

The servant saw that Feng Xiaoweis forehead was covered with blood and was shocked. "Miss, what happened?"

Feng Xiaowei waved her hand in irritation. "Go out first. I want to be alone for a while."


Feng Xiaowei had gotten her men to investigate on this. The section of the road where the accident happened wasnt monitored. Even if she called the police, she wouldnt be able to find the culprit.

That was to say, her suffering couldnt be told to others!


She was about to call a private doctor over to treat her wounds when an accident happened.

Following loud cracking sounds, a car suddenly knocked down the window curtains and drove toward Feng Xiaowei, who was sitting on the sofa.

Upon her witnessing this scene, Feng Xiaoweis face changed.

Just when the car was about to hit her, she avoided it in a sorry state.


The sofa was hit directly, and it hit the crystal lights on the ceiling.

The light flickered for a while. Then, everything fell into darkness.

"Who are you?"

Feng Xiaowei forced herself to calm down. As she leaned toward the coffee table, she tried to buy time by talking. "I have so many bodyguards outside my home. How did you barge in? Regardless of who sent you here, as long as you give up the thought of killing me, I will make sure youre satisfied"