Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 To Give Someone A Dose Of Her Own Medicine 2

Before she could finish speaking, the car drove toward her again.

Feng Xiaowei, who was focusing on getting the pistol under the coffee table, couldnt avoid it in time. The head of the car hit her legs.


Pitiful screams broke through the night sky.

Feng Xiaowei lay on the ground. She watched as the car that hit her drove away in a high-profile manner. She was panic-stricken.

"Come here! Is everyone dead? Come and save me!"

Feng Xiaoweis angry voice resounded in the hall, which was in a sorry state. However, nobody responded.

Out of helplessness, she could only drag her fractured legs around, crawling like a dog. It was not easy for her to find her bag, dig out her mobile, and call the police.

Feng Xiaowei was rushed to the hospital. Some policemen stayed behind to find the culprit.

Not surprisingly, the group of policemen found nothing.

The villas surveillance system was destroyed, and all the servants and bodyguards were knocked out. No fingerprints and footprints were left at the scene.

After hearing about this, Feng Xiaowei was so angry that her whole body trembled.

In the ward, her bodyguard asked carefully, "Miss, do you want to continue investigating this?"

Feng Xiaoweis face sank. Her legs in plaster were lifted up high.


She wasnt a stupid fool like Wei Wanwan. She very quickly realized that something was amiss.

In Xia country, there were only a handful of people whod dare to lay a hand on her and were capable of doing all these acts. Lu Zhanbei was one of them.

When she thought of how she was the one whod instructed Wei Wanwan to use a car to hit Lin Wanwan and of how the tables had now turned and it was her turn, it was clear at a glance who the culprit was!

Lu Zhanbei

Lu Zhanbei!

He actually treated her this way because of a low-class actress!

Hatred, pain, anger these emotions caused Feng Xiaowei to have a contorted expression. However, when she thought of the two car accidents, a trace of fear flashed past her eyes.

Death wasnt scary. What was scary was struggling in the fear that one could die anytime.

"Make the necessary arrangements. I want to be discharged."

"Miss, your injuries"

"Shut up. Do as I say. Also, bring more people over to protect me!"


Feng Xiaowei sat in a wheelchair and was pushed up the car. The accompanying cars were full of bodyguards carrying weapons.

Half an hour later, she reached Fu Wanyis residence.

As Fu Wanyis identity was more extraordinary, the bodyguards Feng Xiaowei brought along were restricted to the first line of defense. Only a female servant in charge of taking care of her pushed her in.

Upon seeing Fu Wanyi, Feng Xiaowei cried without saying a word.


The current Feng Xiaowei had both her legs wrapped in thick gauze. Her beautiful face was bruised, and she had a number of abrasions. She looked very different from her usual elegant and noble appearance.

While looking desolate, she also revealed a pitiful look.

It was as if Fu Wanyi didnt notice her pitiful state. With a calm expression, she received the tea the servant handed over.

"Xiaowei, what are you doing here?"

Feng Xiaowei gritted her teeth immediately. She wanted to get into a rage and question her, but she could only speak with choked sobs in the end.

"Auntie, I dont know what kind of misunderstanding happened between me and Zhanbei. He actually wanted to hurt me so much. Even if we dont talk about our friendship of more than ten years, on account of the years-long relationship between our two families, he shouldnt have been so cruel to me."

If Fu Wanyi were another woman, she would definitely feel guilty and sympathetic if her own son caused a powerful and rich daughter from a prestigious family to become so weak and pitiful.

However, who was Fu Wanyi?

She dealt with heads of countries all year round and was most likely going to be the successor to the president!