Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Like Son Like Mother

In her eyes, Feng Xiaoweis deed was like that of a primary school student deliberately complaining to a teacher.

"I believe my son."

This sentence was said simply, without any absent-mindedness.

A trace of ferociousness flashed past Feng Xiaoweis eyes, and she felt hatred for Fu Wanyi as well.

This damned old hag!

"Auntie, you know how I feel about Zhanbei. Of course I believe him. But I dont believe that Lin Wanwan. Before she appeared, Zhanbei and I were on good terms. However, Zhanbei actually picked on me indiscriminately for her. I only like him. Is that wrong?

"Even if Lin Wanwan is dissatisfied with me, she cant instigate Zhanbei and turn him into someone who indulges in relationships and cant differentiate right from wrong. Hes the son youre most satisfied with. Is Lin Wanwan trying to destroy him and the Fu family?!"

Those words were said sincerely.

If Fu Wanyi were the kind of rich lady who stayed at home every day and didnt know anything about the overall situation, she would have been easily led by the nose by Feng Xiaowei.

She drank a sip of tea and looked quietly at Feng Xiaowei. Her eyes seemed to have a kind of magical power that sees all secrets.

Feng Xiaoweis back turned cold. "Auntie"

Fu Wanyi felt that talking to Feng Xiaowei was a test of her etiquette.

She waved her hand to interrupt her, her eyes cold.

"Who was the one who wanted to step on Lin Wanwan and build herself up?"

Feng Xiaoweis expression froze.

"Who was the one who didnt want any face and tried to seduce Lu Zhanbei?"

Feng Xiaoweis pale face immediately became completely pale.

"Who was the one who used Wei Wanwan and tried to cause Lin Wanwan her death?"

"" Feng Xiaoweis body trembled, and she nearly didnt dare to look at Fu Wanyi straight in the eyes.

She didnt expect Fu Wanyi to have checked thoroughly everything that shed done upon returning to the country. At this moment, she felt like she was a self-entertaining clown.

"Xiaowei, on account of your father, Ill give you a piece of advice. Leave Xia country."


Feng Xiaowei grabbed her sleeves with both hands and looked a little crazed.

"I love him. It has been ten years Im not leaving, Im not willing to! Im stronger than Lin Wanwan in all aspects, I cant lose to her. Zhanbei is mine! Auntie, on account of the relationship between both our families, help me"

Fu Wanyi put down the teacup and didnt have a trace of emotion in her eyes.

"Send the guest away."


Feng Xiaowei was agitated and wanted to stand up. However, the pain in her legs made her unable to move. She shouted crazily, "Lin Wanwans an actress and a slutty illegitimate daughter. Why would you rather her be your daughter-in-law than me?!"

Fu Wanyi walked up the stairs slowly and said without turning her head, "You are far worse than she is."

At the very least, Lin Wanwan wasnt black-hearted.

Feng Xiaowei was forcibly sent out by the Fu familys servants. However, she had not given up yet.

"Miss, sit tight. Ill drive."

The servant in charge of taking care of Feng Xiaowei placed her in the passenger seat and bent down to fasten her seatbelt.


At this moment, the car shook violently and the servants hand shook.

Feng Xiaowei lost her balance and rolled to the bottom of the car. Her injured legs hit the car door, and it hurt so badly that she let out an ear-piercing scream!

A black car drove over leisurely. The car windows were rolled down, and a sharply-angled profile was exposed.

Upon seeing him, Feng Xiaowei held the car door with both hands and sat up with difficulty. Her pale face was full of sadness.

"Lu Zhanbei, Ive thrown away my status as the daughter of the Feng family to work for you for ten years. I love you so much. Why are you not willing to give me a chance? What exactly did Lin Wanwan give you such that youd treat me so ruthlessly? I just love you too much!"