Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Get Lost

"This is what you deserve."

Lu Zhanbei didnt even bother to look at her. His cold gaze swept across the female servant who was sitting in the drivers seat.

"Feng Xiaowei, from today onward, I dont want to see you in Xia country. If I do, dont blame me for letting you sleep on this piece of land forever. Get lost."

The female servants body trembled, and she subconsciously started the car.

From afar, the wind carried Feng Xiaoweis pitiful scream.

"Lu Zhanbei, you will definitely regret this!"

Lu Zhanbei snorted, then turned the steering wheel, preparing to leave. Lin Wanwan, who was seated next to him, asked, "Arent we going to see your mother?"

Lu Zhanbei tilted his head and saw Fu Wanyi standing on the second floor.

Fu Wanyi waved her hands.

Lu Zhanbei stepped on the gas pedal. "She isnt in the mood to host us right now."

"Is she angry?"


The car disappeared from Fu Wanyis line of sight. She squinted, and her eyes darkened slightly.

The one thing she was most satisfied with about Lu Zhanbei was that no matter what kind of trouble he ran into, he could always solve it perfectly, without any flaws. He was so highly skilled that he didnt pale in comparison to her, a politician.

However, he had used a simple and rude method this time around. This would definitely cause dissatisfaction among Feng Xiaoweis family.

Even if it was nothing to worry about, it still meant that he didnt handle it smoothly.

He did so all because of Lin Wanwan.

"Heh." Fu Wanyi smiled. "Lu Zhengyu, I didnt expect my son to have inherited your propensity for lovesickness. Its a pity that a hero becomes a prisoner of love. You did so many foolish things for a person like Yu Yun. I would definitely not let my son follow your footsteps."

As Yue Xiang banned the news from being leaked, there wasnt any scandal in the production team. He also said in front of the media that he would definitely strengthen security awareness in the future.

That assistant director and Wei Wanwan were secretly sent to court, and they were now in jail.

Lin Wanwan ended her workday and went to the hospital to visit Liu Zilin. She brought Shen Zhiyi along as well because she wanted her help in treating Liu Zilin.

Shen Zhiyi did a check on Liu Zilin and looked at her diagnostic report. "As long as the rehabilitation training is done well, there shouldnt be any major side effects. However, the condition of the city hospital isnt as good as that of the military hospital. Its better to transfer hospitals for treatment, just in case."


Liu Zilin said weakly, "Theres no need to go through all that trouble."

Shen Zhiyi knew that she got injured while saving Lin Wanwan and felt that she was a good girl. Upon hearing this, she touched her face.

"An angels wings cannot be broken. Recuperate well. When youre discharged, Ill treat you to a meal."

There was an androgynous charm to her beautiful face. Her gentle gaze made Liu Zilins cheeks turn red.


Lin Wanwan slapped Shen Zhiyis claws away unhappily. "Sister Zhiyi, can you not extend your evil claws to my people?"


Shen Zhiyi threw her a wink. "Dont worry, the woman I love the most will always be you Sorry, let me pick up a call."

She dug out her mobile from her bag, looked at the caller ID, and frowned.

"Peach-shaped eyes? Why is he looking for me?"

It was unknown what Tang Chen had said as her smiling face suddenly turned extremely cold.

"Got it. Ill go over now!"

She hung up the call and looked at Lin Wanwan. "Shen Yus gambling at Tang Chens casino again. Ill get going first. Let me know again after youve completed the transfer procedure."


Shen Zhiyi left hurriedly and drove to what was a clubhouse on the surface. She met the people sent by Tang Chen and took the lift to the basement.