Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142 Once Young Tang Strikes He Does The Job Of Two 1

The huge hall was full of gambling equipment.

Some people won and their faces flushed red. Some people lost and they looked defeated

The sexily-dressed bunny girls shuttled through the crowd with drinks, and the atmosphere was full of ostentatiousness.

"Ms. Shen, your younger brothers here."

The manager pushed open the door to the reserved room. Shen Zhiyi walked in and saw Shen Yu, who was wearing only a pair of pants on his body.

He shrank in a corner and muttered shyly, "Im a Gambling God. Sooner or later, Ill win all the money from this lousy casino!"

The fire in Shen Zhiyis heart burst into an inferno.

She walked over and twisted Shen Yus ear.

"Follow me!"

"Shen Zhiyi! How painful! Let go quickly!"

The more Shen Yu struggled, the tighter Shen Zhiyi twisted his ears. In the end, he sat down on the ground, since the situation was already so bad that making it worse wouldnt make any difference.

"Im not leaving. I still want to recoup my losses. This broken casino won my 100 million yuan. If I dont win it back from this place today, I wont be called Shen Yu!"

"Where did you get so much money?"

Shen Yu was just a small-time hooligan. The Shen family didnt give him any funding, and he at most had only a few million dollars.

Shen Yu shrank his neck and didnt say anything.

The manager said appropriately, "He put a villa and some shops in Jinxiu Avenue up as collateral, as well as borrowed 150 million yuan from our casino."


Upon hearing that, Shen Zhiyi lifted her hand and gave Shen Yu a slap.

"Shen Yu, you actually dared to put up the things Mother left behind for us as collateral?"

Shen Yu looked up with his face that was flushed red and yelled, "On what basis are you hitting me? It has been so many years but I have never taken a single cent from the Shen family or relied on the Shen family for anything. Those were left behind by Mother for me. Its none of your business how I want to use them! Dont act like an older sister in front of me. I bet you cant wait for me to die so that you can be the successor of the Shen family! In this world, it was only Mother who loved me. If I die, I can reunite with her!"

Shen Zhiyis legs swayed and she took a few steps back. She felt that she had bumped into someone and instinctively turned back. She met a pair of beautiful peach-shaped eyes.

"Are you ok?"

Shen Zhiyi shook her head.

Tang Chen saw that she looked slightly pale, and a self-deprecating smile curved up from his lips. His eyes flashed and he walked to Shen Yu, looking at him from atop.

"You still want to gamble, right?"

"Yes. Im not leaving until I win them back."

"How much money are you left with to gamble?"

Shen Yu opened his mouth and thought for a while before squeezing out, "I still have a group of good brothers. They will send me money as long as I give them a call."

"Sorry, I dont believe in such empty promises."

This sentence made Shen Yu speechless.

Tang Chen smiled. "Why dont we do this? If you lose, you have to agree to my request unconditionally. Even if I want you to die, you cant refuse. If you win, the debt of that 150 million yuan will be written off."


Shen Yu nodded without thinking. At this moment, he suddenly thought of something. "Whats your relationship with Shen Zhiyi? Oh lovers, right?"

"You dont have to worry about that. Lets start."

Tang Chen sat on a chair and lit a cigarette. The blue flame made his face seem coquettish.

"What do you want to play?"

"The simplest. Three cards. The one with the most points wins."


There was live gambling equipment in the room. The dealer opened a brand new deck of cards and was about to shuffle them when Shen Yu snatched them away.